Wednesday 25th January, 2017
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We have not engaged mercenaries to fight Boko Haram- Army

We have not engaged mercenaries to fight Boko Haram- Army

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has said the military has enough trained troops to fight the terrorists in the North East without resorting to the use of mercenaries.

This is in reaction to the insinuation in some quarters that the military has resorted to using mercenaries in the ongoing counterinsurgency operation in the North East.

Army Spokesman, Rabe Abubakar, in a statement described the insinuation as utterly scurrilous and a calculated attempt to smear the good image of Nigerian Military.

The military high command, however, appealed to the general public to disregard the rumours and give the Armed Forces their support and encouragement in the ongoing war against terror and not give in to cheap blackmail and propaganda.

He disclosed that the Military has significantly up-scaled its troops and equipment deployment since the Presidential mandate and does not need mercenaries whether foreign or local to root out and put an effective end to guerrilla movements in the North East within the allotted time.

"Since the Presidential order, the Military has been fighting the insurgents more and more effectively and all Nigerians, irrespective of where they live, have come to understand that we are making progress.

"The DHQ therefore wishes to state that the report is a covert campaign of blackmail by disgruntled elements in the society designed to pit the Nigerian people against their Armed Forces. These blackmailers are not only unhappy because of the progress the military is making in the fight but more so because their illicit gains in the war has been effectively stopped.

"The Nigerian Armed Forces are doing all that are needed to be done to ensure that terrorists in the North East and all forms of criminalities are brought under effective control within the shortest possible time", the Defence Spokesman stated.