Friday 22nd September, 2017
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Group lauds Buhari's democratic principles

Group lauds Buhari's democratic principles

A coalition of patriotic Nigerians under the aegis of Stand up Nigeria has thrown its weight on President Muhammadu Buhari's administration and gross defence of democracy.

The group speaking through its national co-ordinator Comrade Sunday Attah stressed that the orderliness of Abuja can be replicated in every other town and city of the country, and all hands must be on deck to ensure miscreants don't cause chaos in the city they also attributed the peace and tranquility experienced in Abuja to President  Buhari's appointment of capable military chiefs that have run Boko Haram terrorists aground.

The group maintained that the unity of Nigeria should be upheld and the President's effort in curbing insurgency lauded.

"We will further as patrotic citizens give all our support to President Buhari, who has in the last one year done much in fighting insurgency corruption and impunity. While some may think the economy is struggling the very vices that have been at the root of all other problems are the real problems to be tackled once they are properly addressed we will see a new Nigeria arising out of the ruins that it has been plunged by previous regimes", the group said.

They also called on those causing distraction to stop frustrating the efforts of the President whom they have high respect and confidence in his administration's efforts at ensuring a peaceful nation.