Saturday 23rd September, 2017
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Fame has robbed me of my freedom - Actress Ella Mensah

Fame has robbed me of my freedom - Actress Ella Mensah

Actress, Ella Mensah has transversed the two most popular African film indus­tries (Nollywood and Ghollywood). She is among the few Ghanaian actresses that have crossed over to Nollywood successfully. She started out in 2010 with the movie Bed of Roses, in Ghana. She made her de­but in Nollywood in 2013 with the movie titled Treat Her Like A Lady and she has since made here her second home. She spoke with Mercy Michael.

What has fame rob you of?

Fame is very expensive and if you are not very careful, it will rob you off your freedom. Fame has robbed me off some of my free­dom, some things I use to do open­ly, now I cannot do them freely.

How have you been able to sus­tain acting in Nollywood?

Nothing but God, He has been the one sustaining me.

What has been your defining moment as an actress?

As an actress it was when a fan in New York, as I went for an awards ceremony in Houston Texas, just walk up to me to take a selfie. That’s when I realized, am blessed and that I am on the right track in my chosen profession as an actor.

What is your brand projection in 10years?

My plan in 10 years is to build a home for the old people. Older people who have no family and those whose families have aban­doned them. I love older people. And also the brand Ella Mensah will be bigger and better.

What are the sterling qualities that stand you out as an actress?

Without sounding in modest, my intelligence, I believe stands me out. I’m both beauty and brains.

What does style mean to you?

My definition of style is wear what makes you comfortable. I wear what I feel comfortable in. I wear what suits my body type

How do you re-invent yourself as an actor?

Re-inventing myself as an actor is to set my priorities right, choose the right script, work with the right people, get my body and health in shape.

What is new for Ella Mensah in 2017?

The new Ella Mensah is the girl who is grown and has become a young woman, very ambitious and hard working. The new Ella Men­sah is more mature now, she knows what she wants and she is going for it. The new Ella Mensah is more in­formed, she has learned from her mistakes.

Having a huge presence in Gha­na and Nigeria, Entertainment in­dustry, winning awards how does that make you feel?

I feel great and full of gratitude to God Almighty. I am grateful for my growth and I thank God for it all and I know the sky is my start­ing point.