Friday 22nd September, 2017
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God has empowered Ifeanyi Ubah to govern Anambra State - Bishop Udeh

God has empowered Ifeanyi Ubah to govern Anambra State - Bishop Udeh

Presiding Bishop of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries Incorporated, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh has proclaimed that Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah has been divinely equipped to take the state to its next level. Scuttling this aspiration will delay the state’s real transformational journey, Bishop Udeh said in the church cathedral at Ndi-Ojukwu, Uruagu-Nnewi. Correspondent ISAAC OJO provides the excerpts:

Peering into the myste­rious spiritual realm, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh spoke: “This time, the only person duly qualified to govern Anambra State is Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah. He has been empowered by God to carry out the responsibility of giving the state a sense of direction and purpose. I saw him in the spirit realm standing on top of the ocean giving orders. This is an in­dication of someone who has been spiritually empow­ered to take charge of the state.

“He is the one who has the divine mandate to govern and everybody in the state will be happy because of the quality and unprecedented five-star performance he is going to achieve while in of­fice.”

Bishop Udeh who said that the state did not heed his call when he spoke in the recent past said God in his infinite mercy has given the people of the state a sec­ond chance to hear his voice and do the needful by giving Dr. Ubah the opportunity to serve his people.

The prelate who paid a glowing tribute to the pub­lisher of The AUTHORITY Newspaper for his empow­erment of Anambra youths and indeed all Nigerians through his ventures said that one can only wonder the level of infrastructural and human development he will spark off in Anambra State if he is the governor directing affairs.

According to him, “The second-term bid of the in­cumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano should be jettisoned; it is not the will of God. The second tenure bid is for embezzlement and vandalization. No mean­ingful development will be recorded in the second ten­ure and that is why all well meaning Anambrarians should join hands and pre­vent the disaster from hap­pening.

“Let me say categorically that Anambra State will continue to move at a snail speed in every area of life until the person who God has ordained and empow­ered for the job of governing the state is given the oppor­tunity to serve.”

Bishop Udeh who how­ever said that he is not fa­vorably disposed to the idea of Dr. Ubah join­ing the All Progressives Congress(APC) noted that the chairman and CEO of Capital Oil and Gas will do well to use another politi­cal platform as the present administration has reduced the APC to a Northern po­litical party.

His words: “Look at what they did to the former gov­ernor of Lagos State, Ahmed Bola Tinubu. His influence has been totally eroded in the political party he helped put together. I expect my brother to avoid a political party like this.

“Be that as it may, if it is true that he has joined the APC, he has the constitu­tional right to join any po­litical party of his choice but I honestly expect him to consider other platform to actualize his governor­ship aspiration. The APC is a party of strange bed fellow individuals.”

The Bishop in charge of Mount Zion Faith Global Ministries Inc who pre­dicted that 2017 would be a year of freedom and double honor said that God is going to liberate Nigeria from the hands of the Northern oli­garchy which has held the nation captive.

According to him, “It is the caliphate that has been carrying out all manner of sacrifices and it is no won­der that the lawmakers have simply become deaf and dumb because they have been hypnotized. They are just looking at the ad­ministration of President Muhammadu Buhari with­out really seeing anything. There is no one to argue against this administration again. It is that bad.

“The administration of Buhari looks like a military junta. Everybody in Nigeria will attest to the fact that he is not a democrat and he is not pretending about it. I have many foreign journals and magazines, it is not out of place to see people criti­cizing their government but in Nigeria, if you say any­thing against the Aso Rock Villa warlord, they will un­leash the DSS and EFCC on such person on trumped up charges. This is simply an indication that Nigerians are not actually free.

“Buhari has really in­stilled fear in the hearts of those who are supposed to speak up against his govern­ment. I won’t be surprised if he sends his attack dogs after me after this material is used in your newspaper. Interestingly, many media houses which were out­spoken during the admin­istration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan have suddenly lost their vision and voices.”

Bishop Udeh who ex­pressed disappointment with the federal government over continued incarcera­tion of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said there is no reason whatsoev­er to continue to keep him in detention.

“What has he done, some­body that is just agitating for the freedom of his peo­ple without taking up arms, now they have cook up trump charges against him just to get rid of him but things don’t work that way.

His words: “How long will they continue to force the people of Biafra to stay in Nigeria against their will, we fought the civil war in the sixties yet they are not tired of forcing us to stay in a country that does not have respect for the Igbos. Check out Buhari’s appointments and you will agree with me that Igbos have no business in the entity called Nigeria.”

The prelate called on the Russian president, Putin to come to the aid of the Igbos as he alleged conspiracy of silence on the part of Great Britain and United States of America.

“My earnest prayers are divine intervention. I am tired of Nigeria because ev­erything in Nigeria is star­ing us in the face that things are no longer at ease this country because the center can no longer hold and it is a matter of time, everything must fall apart,” Bishop Udeh concluded.