Sunday 24th September, 2017
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ISCEST seeks to draw attention of govt to issues affecting science education

ISCEST seeks to draw attention of govt to issues affecting science education

The recently concluded 3rd Annual Interna­tional Society of Com­parative Education, Science and Technology (ISCEST) International Conference, has identified variety of chal­lenges and problems that frustrate the processes of quality education attainment and national development.

The conference which was held at the Hotel- Presiden­tial, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, seeks to bring these issues to the attention of the relevant government and non-government bodies by setting up meetings and sem­inars.

The agenda of the 3rd An­nual International ISCEST Conference with the theme; “Science and Technology, Education and National De­velopment” focuses on the nature of the said challenges and problems and how best to ameliorate them.

ISCEST also intends to use its educational activities to empower today’s youths, who are tomorrow’s leaders,to make meaningful contri­butions that will promote national development with respect to educational and ecological sustainability.

The international Presi­dent of the body Professor Steve Azaiki, in his presenta­tion at the conference said that, ISCEST’s concerns are not unfounded.

According to him issues raised are based on rigorous research activities in areas of education, science and tech­nology.

He said the analyses and subsequent recommenda­tions from these investiga­tions are made in the spirit of the Federal Ministry of Education’s (FME) mission statement and the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s (FRN) 20/20 Vision

Professor Azaiki had in­sisted that ISCEST will be more committed to encour­aging researchers to report on findings of specific investiga­tions that will not only identi­fy specific problems, but will also suggests ways in which these problems can be tack­led, and ultimately, solved for the benefit and advancement of the Nigerian people.

He however assured that ISCEST will to continue to play an important role in helping researchers to raise awareness of the many pre­occupations that adversely affect Nigerian communities, and therefore reasserts its commitment to disseminat­ing concerns to the authori­ties, while seeking to have synergy and collaboration between ISCEST and policy makers, government and non-government personnel, community groups and or­ganisations and concerned citizens.

Keynote addresses at the conference were given by Professor Victor Nobuo Ko­bayashi, Professor Emeritus of Educational Foundations at the University of Hawaii and President of World Com­parative and International Education Society 2006, Pro­fessor Charl Wolhuter,

President of Southern Af­rican Comparative and His­tory of Education Society (SACHES) and Professor Bernard Efiuvwevwere,a Pro­fessor of Microbiology and Former Deputy Vice Chan­cellor, University of Port Har­court.

Among other notable pre­senters were Professor Lale, Vice Chancellor University of Port Harcourt and Profes­sor Edmund Allison-Oguru, who represented Former President of Nigeria, Good­luck Ebele Jonathan.

This conference followed the 1st and 2nd Conferences which were convened on 7th—12th December-2014 and 10th—14th Decem­ber-2015 at the Institute of Science & Technology Yena­goa, Bayelsa State.. I.S.T is a new interdisciplinary re­search-led institute dedicated to applied research and edu­cation in science and tech­nology.