Saturday 23rd September, 2017
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Yoruba community seeks support for less privileged persons

Yoruba community seeks support for less privileged persons

Members of Yoruba com­munity in Yimi dis­trict, under Gwagwala­da Area Council have solicited support for those who can’t af­ford to set petty businesses on their own.

The members spoke sepa­rately at their dinner to mark the end of 2016 and usher in the New Year at the community, recently.

Mrs. Toyin Ekunode, welfare leader of the group appealed for government attention in the area of providing soft financial loan to the genuine members intending to embark on busi­nesses but have no resources that could enable them start up.

She said there are many busi­ness opportunities for the peo­ple, especially women to em­bark upon but lack of financial assistance hindered them.

However, chairman of the community, David Tunde Ibra­him with the secretary, Kazzeem Afolabi urged the Gwagwalada Chairman to execute projects that the community would come full to life.