Wednesday 23rd August, 2017
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42 killed in Yemen migrant boat attack

42 killed in Yemen migrant boat attack

Forty-two people have been killed when a boat carrying Somali ref­ugees off the coast of Yemen was fired at from a helicopter, the Interna­tional Organisation for Migration says.

Women and children were among those killed when the vessel was hit near the Bab al-Mandeb strait, the IOM said.

Images from the scene showed a boat strewn with bodies.

In a separate incident on Friday, at least 22 people died in an attack on a mosque inside a military base in Yemen.

Two missiles were fired at the mosque, in the Kofal military camp west of Mar­ib, officials said.

Among the dead on the boat were So­mali refugees carrying identity docu­ments issued by UNHCR, the UN’s ref­ugee agency.

About 80 survivors were rescued and taken to hospital, according to the IOM. It is also not known where the boat was travelling to and from.

It remains unclear who carried out the attack. A Yemeni trafficker who survived the attack told the Associated Press that the boat was fired at by a helicopter gun­ship and a military vessel.

Saudi Arabia, which is leading a US-backed coalition in the war in Yemen, has US-built Apache helicopter gunships. The coalition, which in general controls Yemen’s airspace, has not commented on the incident.