Friday 22nd September, 2017
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How to combat crime in FCT- Security expert

How to combat crime in FCT- Security expert

The founder and man­aging director of Global Race Security Services Limited, Debo O. Alasan has said the offi­cials of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) should reorganise their activities aimed at col­laborating towards provid­ing adequate security in the FCT.

He said most of the oper­ations being carried out by the FCT officials, especially the Environmental Board Department calls for urgent review.

In an interview with newsmen, he drew the at­tention of the minister, Mu­hammad Musa Bello to re­focus on curbing insecurity.

Alasan pointed out that creating special places for business activities with ap­propriate security person­nel attached to those areas was necessary.

But regretted the indis­criminate activities within the city centres that pave way for all sort of opera­tions which does not guar­antee security of the resi­dents.

According to him, most of the self-acclaimed officials of FCTA were constituting threat to people due to their nature of operations.

“The FCT Minister should take the issue of security in the City Centres more seri­ous and ensure that those carrying out different roles are well defined.

“Most of the people that called themselves of FCDA officials look questionable, but if there is sensitisation it will bring about discipline in the manner of doing things.”

He suggested that the Minister should ban officials of Environmental Board to from going to outskirt towns to chase hawkers, believing that focusing on chasing hawkers and other thugs away from main city centres should be given pri­ority instead of in villages.