Monday 25th September, 2017
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IBB varsity sex scandal: I was kidnapped, humiliated - Lecturer

IBB varsity sex scandal: I was kidnapped, humiliated - Lecturer

A lecturer of the Eng­lish Department at the IBB University, Niger State, who was recently reported as al­legedly trying to sleep with a female student of the school has come up with his own side of the story.

I.G Yusuf allegedly threat­ened to fail the victim, whom he identified as Mercy if she failed to have sex with him.

But in a statement released to newsmen at the weekend, the lecturer claimed he was kidnapped and humiliated by Mercy, whom he caught cheating during a test.

Yusuf said he was abduct­ed at gunpoint while leaving the school premises at about 10pm and that the students, who subjected him to beat­ing, also demanded N2 mil­lion from him.

His words: “My ordeal started when my Ph.D (Dr Abaya) who is currently a sabbatical staff in my depart­ment asked me to help him administer a 40-minute test of ENG 409, a course Mercy was writing.

“The class to be used for the test was too small there­by necessitating the division of the class into two. The rule surrounding the conduct of the test was laid down by the examiner, that a student caught cheating would have his or her script destroyed.

“Mercy sat behind her classmate named Samuel, and when the test was about to be rounded off, Samuel raised up his scripts for Mer­cy to copy. I warned Samuel to desist but he just smiled and carried on. I therefore collected his paper and wrote on it, ‘cheated.’

“Then I kept the script on the table waiting for other students to finish. As the test ended, Dr Abaya came in and asked me if there was any problem during the test, and I replied yes. I showed him Samuel’s paper and ex­plained what happened.

“The paper was then torn. The following day, Mercy kept on calling me persis­tently that she wanted to see me because Samuel had been disturbing her and she needed me to help them talk to Dr Abaya on behalf of the Samuel. I clearly told her that there was nothing I could do about it.

“I stayed in my office pre­paring my handover notes to the next examination of­ficer in my department as I was just recently appointed as the Faculty Examina­tions Officer. I was also busy preparing materials for the forthcoming first semester examination.

“I left my office around 10pm on the fateful day for my house in Lapai town. On my way home, I slowed down near the Master Chef Restaurant where the road was sandy and I saw Mercy by the side of the road.

“Before I could fathom what was happening, four boys opened my car, jumped inside and closed the doors. One of them pressed a gun behind my head and ordered me to keep driving until we got to Mercy’s house.

“Then they forced me into the house and ordered me to lick some oranges but I refused. Subsequently they forced me to take some wa­ter melon! One of the boys slapped me repeatedly.

“He said that he failed my GST course for three years and kept on slapping me and slapping me with both hands simultaneously and shout­ing at me, “Am I dull?!, Am I dull!?’ He kept on beating me, shouting that he was so angry with me.

“Up till date, I still have problems with my ears as a result of the slapping and beating the boys subjected me to. They threatened to kill me if I did not comply with all their directives.

“Under duress, I was forced to write four under­takings to pass some four students in the exams. They beat and kicked me and I sustained injury in my hand which started bleeding.

“They asked me to sit and write an essay of 450 words the way I used to ask them to write essay in the class. All through these, they were smoking and drinking. Thereafter, I was asked to undress but I refused.

“They forcefully stripped me and took some shots of me and their leader identi­fied as SKT. They took my handsets, ATM cards and some cash that I had in my pocket. They soaked my shirt in water. They asked me how much I had in the bank and I told them it was not up to N100,000.

“They kept me hostage throughout the night doing different chores for them, including mopping the floor for Mercy. They humiliated and abused me throughout the night while Mercy video recorded.

“After several hours as I was going through the ordeal, I started experienc­ing pains in my chest and started bringing out some mucus. I went to the toilet to spit out the mucus and came back to be engaged in an­other task until one of them observing my condition said they should allow me to go so that I would not die in their hands.

“Then they called some­body and gave me the phone to talk to him. As they released me, they gave me a phone number which I must call by 10amwhen I get home.

“After my release, I re­ported the incident to my Dean. Later that same day, they still came to my office to confront me, locked me inside and demanded to know why I was ‘following’ Mercy.

“They further demanded that I bring the N2million they asked me for. Even when I went out of my office later, I still saw the people that came to my office in strategic places watching my office.

“I decided that the world must hear my side of the story which is now being investigated by the law en­forcement agents and the university authority. I was kidnapped, assaulted, hu­miliated, and psychologi­cally traumatized.

“Yet they still sent out my unclad picture and videos doing chores on the inter­net. I have been maligned and defamed and I will not rest until I get justice.”