Wednesday 20th September, 2017
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S/Sudan gunmen kill 28 in Ethiopia

S/Sudan gunmen kill 28 in Ethiopia

South Sudanese gunmen killed 28 peo­ple and kidnapped 43 children in Ethi­opia’s Gambella province, an Ethiopi­an official says.

Men from the Murle community, who crossed into Ethiopia, are being blamed.

Feuding communities on both sides of the border have been known to attack each oth­er, often carrying away spoils.

A similar incident last April prompted Ethiopia’s army to cross into South Sudan in a hunt for kidnapped children.

The latest raids were carried out over two days - first on Sunday and then Monday - in Gambella’s Gog and Jol areas, which bor­der South Sudan, Chol Chany, a spokesman for the Gambella region, is quoted by Reu­ters as saying.

“Murle bandits carried out the attack. They fled along with 43 children,” Mr Cha­ny said.

Last year’s incidents in which 100 Ethiopi­an children were kidnapped was also blamed on members of the Murle community.

At that time, residents of Gambella town demonstrated, demanding justice and call­ing for better security.