Sunday 25th June, 2017
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Govt urged to build sports facilities in neighbourhoods

Govt urged to build sports facilities in neighbourhoods

State governments in the country have been charged to build sports facilities in strategic places in the cities to encourage talents developments at the grassroots.

The co-director of Excel College, Ejigbo, Lagos, Bamidele Oke, who made the remark on the occasion of the school’s Inter House Sports competition recently, noted that sports as part of the curriculum helps in the development of the child as the student will have not only the benefit of quality education but also the opportunity to develop his talents.

He however expressed his regrets that the government is not giving due attention to grassroots sports development as there are no cautious efforts to provide infrastructure in the cities.

“Nigeria is blessed with sports talents, but enough is not being done to develop them at the grassroots. Schools are doing their best at the provision of both educational and sports facilities for the complete development of the child. But the children also need facilities in their neighbor hood for recreation.

“It is unfortunate that the government is more interested in building houses without provision for playgrounds around the neighbourhoods. I think there should be a conscious effort at creating special spaces for the construction of sports centres in every neighborhood so that children will have the benefit of facilities wherever they leave,” he said.