Friday 20th October, 2017
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Onyeama hails two-term tenure for sports federation presidents

Onyeama hails two-term tenure for sports federation presidents

President of the Nigerian Cricket Federation, Emeka Onyeama, has applauded the decision of the Sports Ministry and stakeholders barring presidents of the sports federations from serving more than two terms.

He called on all stakeholders to welcome the decision as it is the tonic that can bring sanity to the nation’s sports.

Onyeama noted however that his only regret is the timing of the election, as according to him the Sports ministry should have given the federations more time to prepare ahead of the June 20 deadline.

"The decision to make the captaincy of our sporting federations’ tenure not more than two term is welcomed as long as it will bring sanity and move the sporting industry forward. I think this decision should also affect the board members as they are always elected alongside the federation captains.

"My only grudge is the timing of the election as I believe it is sudden. As it stands, we are expected to appoint electoral bodies; get in touch with those in charge of various states before decision will be taken on how to conduct a free and fair election.

"So, to me I will say that the exercise is sudden, but if every other person has agreed, then who am I to object to it? My interest still remains that we should elect credible people that can take Sports in the country to greater heights," he stated.