Monday 23rd October, 2017
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DPO kills apprentice in Lagos

DPO kills apprentice in Lagos

A 23-year-old appren­tice tailor identified as Jamiu Ayoade, has been allegedly shot dead by the Divisional Police Of­ficer (DPO) of the Ijesha Police Station, identified as Muhammed Yakubu, in the Ijeshatedo area of Lagos State.

According to reports, the young victim had gone to a neighbouring street to attend a birthday party of a friend, Abubakar Ani­mashaun, at about 4pm on Sunday. The DPO and his men went on surveillance to the venue around 5pm, and left a few minutes after they were told of what the event was all about.

It was gathered that about 2 hours later, the team of the Police operatives was said to have returned to the area in a van, announcing their presence with blar­ing of sirens and gunshots, which scared away the fun seekers.

The DPO reportedly followed some people, in­cluding Jamiu, who ran to safety in a building. He was said to have shot Jamiu at a close range with his service pistol.

While speaking to a correspondent, an eyewit­ness who claimed to be the brother of the birthday boy, Jelili Bakare, said that the policemen fled the scene immediately Jamiu was hit by a bullet.

He said, “Around 7:30pm, I was sitting with my friends outside when I heard the blaring of police sirens. The van stopped some distance to the venue of the party and some po­licemen, led by the DPO, came out and started shoot­ing. People ran helter-skel­ter. Many people fell into a gutter.

“The DPO brought out a pistol and chased some people into a passage. He shot twice at them. A bullet hit Jamiu in the head, while another person, Akeem, was shot in the hand. Im­mediately they saw the harm they had caused, they entered their van and fled. We went to the Ijesha Police Station, but we were not al­lowed to make a report. We then went to the Itire Po­lice Division, but we were directed back to the Ijesha division.