Wednesday 18th October, 2017
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My children will never inherit my property if my wife divorces me

My children will never inherit my property if my wife divorces me

A 39-year-old fruit seller, Amidu Olalere has vowed never to allow her children will inherit his property if his wife divorces him. He was speaking before an Igando Customary Court in Lagos.

Olalere said this while re­sponding to a divorce suit filed by his wife, Adeola, for the dissolution of their 11-year marriage on the grounds of constant battering.

Olalere, who accused his wife of starving him of sex, said, “My wife is always de­nying me sex, and whenever I reported her to her mother, she will ask me how many times will I be having sex with her daughter. She would ask me not to kill her with sex.”

The respondent said his wife moved out of his house with the children in January to stay with her mother and that whenever he called her, her mother would curse him. He also said his mother-in-law accused him of planning to use her daughter for ritual.

Olalere also said that he doubted the paternity of the four children. “Whenever my wife and I quarrel, she tells me that the children are not mine; so, I am confused if truly the children belong to me,’’ he alleged.

The husband, however, pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying in spite of her shortcomings, he still loves her.