Friday 20th October, 2017
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CAN President should tell Christians why his Vice President rejected his official vehicle - GROUP

CAN President should tell Christians why his Vice President rejected his official vehicle - GROUP

The Patriotic Chris­tian Youth of Nigeria (PCYN) has called on the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Rev Samson Ayokunle to tell the Christendom why his Vice Pres­ident rejected the official vehicle given to him.

“As long as Ayokunle arro­gantly lie and refused to heed wise counsel, we will never stop exposing him”.

PCYN through its Nation­al President, Evangelist Simon Timothy Nasso, made the call while briefing journalists in Jos.

“If Rev Samson Ayokunle cannot draw line between Bap­tist and CAN, then he should re­sign his position as CAN Presi­dent. CAN and Baptist Church are too different Bodies.

Nasso maintained that, “If Ayokunle will continue to dis­play arrogance and run CAN like a private business venture, the Patriotic Christian Youth of Nigeria is always ready to prove him wrong.

“Since Ayokunle openly shows to us that he is in CAN to make money and not to serve the people of God, you have some of us to contend with.

“If Ayokunle insist on his cur­rent tribal, regional, denomina­tional and sectional system of administration, we will never stop challenging his leadership.

“The Patriotic Christian Youth of Nigeria is out to stand for equal right and justice”, he stressed.

“We have read with deep pains in our hearts the exhibi­tion of arrogance expressed by Rev Samson Ayokunle (CAN President) to our recent publi­cation, where we told the world about his reckless spending, in­cluding buying of cars worth over N40 million.

“We view Ayokunle’s response as unfortunate, we hereby re­gret having a liar as CAN Pres­ident and we promise to use all available strength given to us by God to continue to expose him as promised.

“It is rather unfortunate that instead of humbly responding to serious and honest obser­vations raised ranging from fi­nancial recklessness, tribalism, regionalism, sectionalism, nep­otism denominationalism and egocentrism by Rev Ayokunle, President of CAN, as expected, he resorted to the use of gutter language by calling me liar and agent of Satan.

“Secondly, he hired a thug in person of Dan Kadzai, calling me names, insulting me up and down for raising a sincere and honest observations in CAN leadership under Ayokunle.

However, the PCYN Presi­dent promised to expose Rev Ayokunle if he dare to attack him rather than addressing the issues raised.

“I have decided to posed the following which he must equally respond to otherwise, his claim of high integrity are just a cov­er up to fool the unsuspecting public from knowing who this so called man of God really is.

“Sir (Rev Ayokunle), can you please tell the Christian Com­munity in Nigeria from which account the said N48 million was sourced for the purchase of those official cars?

“Sir, can you also tell the world why your respected Vice, Elder Prof. Otubo rejected his own of­ficial car? He further asked.

“If you are sincere, tell the en­tire Christians in Nigeria reasons behind his rejection of that car as his official car.

“Sir, when you visited a cer­tain State Government House in the South-South of Nigeria in the name of CAN, while in the Government House of that State, the CAN Chairman in that State whom you never wanted to know of your presence in his State was called upon by a staff of that Government House to join you in seeing the Governor, the two of you came out of that Gov­ernment House with a big Gha­na-must-go bag, and when that State CAN Chairman helped you with the big bag to your car and you drove to a certain Bank before your Personal As­sistant Rev Onifade, lodged the content into the Bank. Now my questions:

“Can you in all honesty tell the Christian community the content of that Ghana-must-Go bag?

“Can you sincerely tell all the Christendom whose Bank Ac­count you lodge the Content of that bag, is it CAN or Baptist account you lodge the content? You may pretend that you went on behalf of Baptist Church.

“Can you as good adminis­trator tell Nigeria Church why you decide to visit all the State Government Houses where you visited all alone? Carrying only your aids and your Baptist Pas­tors along? Is this how CAN op­erate?

“What was your reasons for visiting State Governors without carrying State CAN Chairmen of the respected States along? He further asked.

“Let Ayokunle insist on CAN Constitution and it’s operation­al guidelines if not, we are go­ing to show him the exit route from CAN before he spoil what our parents laboured and put in place for the unity of the body of Christ”, the group advised.

PCYN call on all the past Presidents of CAN, Nation­al Christian Elders Forum, All critical stakeholders of CAN, all CAN NEC delegates and the Nigeria Baptist Convention to in the interest of peace justice and progress call Rev Ayokun­le to order and prevail on him to give issue based response to all the issues raised and not to re­sort to insults and the use of in­timidating words on the group.