Monday 25th September, 2017
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I am living my dreams in Nollywood - Junior John Pope Odonwodo

I am living my dreams in Nollywood - Junior John Pope Odonwodo

Junior John Pope Odonwnodo, belongs to the latest generation of upwardly mobile Nollywood actors. The handsome thespian shared some moments with Nollywood Compendium, on his career profile, how he entered the industry, his projection for the industry, relationship with female fans and how his girlfriend funded his registration with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), among others. Enjoy

Tell us about your background?

I was born in Bamenda Cam­eroon, to a family of ten, father and mother inclusive .Being the sixth child, I didn’t have to worry my head about much. Almost everything was done for me, my father stopped at standard six and as such vouched to see all his chil­dren through University and to­day it’s a dream come true. Grow­ing up was fun I must say.

How did you get into acting?

I actually started on stage when i was in the University of NIGERIA Enugu Campus, I was in a theater group (Joyful family) and after lots of performances on stage, My girlfriend was the first to believe in me, and as such gave me 7000 naira to go register as an actor with (AGN) Actors guild of Nigeria....of which I did, and now I am here.

What movie do you consider you’re most challenging?

Pretending, acting or living a life different from yours is actu­ally challenging. So all roles ever played by me I consider challeng­ing but deeper than Faces my first lead role in Nollywood was some­thing else. Directed by the Ace Di­rector Tchidi Chikere wasn’t only challenging but excruciating. This is same movie that brought me to lime light.

Which of your colleague do you consider your role model in the industry?

My role models are actually few.....Jim Iyke, Labister, Hank Anukwu,The late J T Tom West, Mike Ezuronye......

How do you handle your fe­male fans?

My female admirers are my most prized Jewels, who know for sure that I am married and as such know where to draw the line. I love them all and always try as much as possible to reply their mails to me. I love them all and they love me because I don’t joke with my wife or family.

What is your expectation from Nollywood?

My greatest expectation from Nollywood is growth and from the look of this so far, I think we are slowly getting there. More avenues for our products to be out there.....

Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I will still be here but this time around, big­ger and better, and featuring on some international projects.....I have always worked on myself, and each time I think back from where I started; I would say to myself “YES YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAM”