Tuesday 26th September, 2017
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Nigerians are looking up to PDP- Lawmaker

Nigerians are looking up to PDP- Lawmaker

A federal lawmaker from Benue, Hon Samson Okwu, yesterday said that Nige­rians are fed up with the All Progressives Congress (APC) government.

Speaking with news­men, the Peoples’ Demo­cratic Party (PDP) law­maker regretted that although President Mu­hammadu Buhari is a man of integrity, a cabal has hijacked his govern­ment.

Hon Okwu, who said that the Supreme Court judgment was a welcome development for the na­tion’s democracy, added that Nigerians are looking forward to a PDP-led gov­ernment.

The lawmaker, who spoke on the implication of the Supreme Court judgment on the 2019 General Elections, said, “You can see that Nige­rians are fed up with the APC. Nigerians are fed up with APC, Nigerians are looking for PDP. Nigeri­ans are looking for a party that will unite this coun­try, a party that will form a government of national unity.

“A party that will forms a government that every­body will be represented. A government everybody will have a say; a govern­ment everybody will be equal before the rule of law. That is the govern­ment the people are look­ing for. It’s not a govern­ment that is sectional in fighting corruption, that nobody has been convict­ed till today. It shows that they have failed.”

Asked if there is any­thing good in APC gov­ernment, the lawmaker said, “Well, for me, the people voted for APC be­cause of the integrity of Mr President. I know the President has integrity. I’m PDP, but I know that President Muhammadu Buhari has integrity. But, for now, the cabal has hi­jacked the system, thereby making the entire party system a waste for Nige­rians.