Wednesday 16th August, 2017
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Sen. Orji cheered not booed at burial, says Aide

Sen. Orji cheered not booed at burial, says Aide

Media and Legisla­tive Aide to Senator Theodore Orji, Mr. Eddy Onuzurike, has dispelled media report that his boss was booed weekend, during the burial of the late Secretary to Abia State Government, Dr. Elekwachi Nwogbo, at Ikwua­no.

Onuzurike dismissed as “criminal fabrication and a bla­tant lie the said media report”, while accusing Orji’s politi­cal rival and former Gov. Orji Uzor Kalu of sponsoring the said media report for political reasons.

He urged members of the public to disregard the said re­port which according to him was a twisted fact by Kalu to discredit Orji “who he sees as a political threat”.

Onuzurike regretted that Kalu was so carried away in his desperation to blackmail Orji that “he could not tell the dif­ference between cheering and booing.”

He wondered why it was only Kalu’s media outfits that reported the said booing out of the array of correspondents from various media houses at the burial.

“To put the facts straight, Senator Orji was welcomed by many across the burial arena. A few minutes after arrival he was received and urged to make his speech after his predecessor Orji Uzo kalu, a yet to be suc­cessful serial senatorial bidder who in his speech made claims that were not supported by known facts.

“He took time to dispel the wrong innuendoes by the for­mer governor who deviated from paying tribute to the dead and turned the opportunity into a self-praising exercise, claiming among other things that he paid salaries and did not owe pensions whereas he left a huge debt burden of 35 billion Naira. This can be con­firmed from the Abia Ministry of Finance and Accountant General’s office.”

Onuzurike contended that Kalu’s grouse with Orji was that the latter’s achievements dwarfed Kalu’s “eight years of waste in the state.”

He identified some of the strides of Orji to include: gen­eral promotion of all civil ser­vants in the state to the next grade level; building of twin complex for civil servants; and raising of the subvention of Abia State University Uturu from N60 million to N100 mil­lion.

Onuzurike further noted that Orji’s remarkable legacies included the liberation of the state from political bondage under Kalu who was running the state as his private estate, as well as the restoration of peace and equity to the political space of the state.

“It is on record that the first ten policy decisions of Sena­tor T A Orji when sworn in as Governor in May 2007, was to liquidate arrears of salaries and pensions owed civil servants.

“What OUK said about Abia State University were blatant lies. When Senator Orji took up the saddle, Abia University was in a state of rot with low subventions, dis-accredited departments like Architecture and Medicine.

“Orji raised the subvention of Abia State University from 60 million to one hundred million and reaccredited more than five departments. He has taken all these in his strides and now busy in the senate of the Fed Republic of Nigeria as he was popularly elected to the senate in 2015, for which he has a lot to show.”