Monday 23rd October, 2017
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2019: Group mobilises youth to seize leadership

  2019: Group mobilises youth to seize leadership

A new political group tagged 'Talk-to-100' has flagged off the mobilisation of millions of Nigerian youth to prepare them towards effective participation in electoral processes and governance ahead of the 2019 general elections. 


The idea is for the first 100 participants to each recruit another 100 persons in a multi-level development chain that will cover the entire country with a sensitization programmme "aimed at multiplying opportunities."


At the group's inaugural conference in AbujaThursday, its Director of Organization and Publications, Mr. Kenneth Gyado, said the initiative aims to get the youth  as the more energetic, most economically active and most intellectually conscious segment of the Nigerian society to "wake up from their docility and take up their responsibilities as stakeholders in the Nigeria project."


He explained that "the current practice is that the youth and women who form 90 percent of the Nigerian electorate are not actually carried along in the decision making processes in Nigeria. They are not participants in the scheme of things.

"So, that slogan saying a new and prosperous Nigeria is possible is to wake them up to their responsibilities because, barring any health incidence or any accidents, most of the people behind this movement have up to 40 years more to live.
"That means they should be more concerned about where they will be in 40 years time.  The other people who are occupants there now may not be there in the next decade.  
"By their behaviour, by their attitude, they may not care about how the country will fare beyond the 10 years. So, those who own the future should start by investing in it now."
On how ready the youths are to take over from the old ones,  he said: "I think given the right stimulations, messages and the right idea transmitted across, we think they are ready.
"Most of the docility you see now is as a result of ignorance or because of the structural defects in the Nigeria set up.  
"They have been made to believe that they have inferior roles to play in national development.
"That has become an idea that has germinated and had become entrenched. 
"So, we want to reverse that trend. The global trend now is that, young people have taken over and the case of Nigeria should not be different."
Speaking specifically about the 2019 polls, Gyado said the Nigerian youth was ready to occupy the forefront immediately, declaring that "they should take over even now, why wait till 2019. 
"In fact, the process of taking over has started by the passage of the not-too-young-to-run bill already.
"Suddenly they have realized that if it can happen in France, which is a well established democracy of over 200 years, it should also happen in Nigeria."