Wednesday 16th August, 2017
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Anambra 2017: Aspirants throw weights around in Nnewi

Anambra 2017: Aspirants throw weights around in Nnewi

Aspirants for the forthcom­ing governorship elec­tion in Anambra State have stormed Nnewi in Anam­bra South to show their political weight.

The aspirants, who met under the umbrella of Anambra Union, canvassed the emergence of a can­didate who is versatile for the of­fice.

This came as the Anambra Union supported Anambra North Senatorial Zone to produce the next governor of the state.

The forum was organised by the Anambra Union under the chairmanship of the former Min­ister of Health, Prof ABC Nwosu and the Secretary, Obum Ohaeg­bu.

The Anambra Union added that justice and equity demand that Anambra North Senatori­al Zone should produce the next governor of the state for the next four years.

Among the aspirants at the event are Dr. Alex Obiogbolu, Mr. Obaze Oseloka, Dr. Chuk­wuka Chukwura, and two others.

The meeting was held at the former minister’s Otolo Nnewi residence.

The group said that after An­ambra North zone, it would be the turn of Anambra South, which ac­cording to the group, is “only fair, just and right.”

The Anambra Union further canvased that the next governor of the state should also come from ei­ther the Peoples Democratic Par­ty (PDP) or the All Progressives Congress (APC) because they are the only national political parties in the state.

According to the forum, An­ambra cannot afford to continue on its costly path of self-inflicted isolation from the Federal Gov­ernment by belonging to an en­clave political party, noting that the Yoruba have long abandoned the awkward arrangement to be part of the government at the centre.

Nwosu said: “I don’t see why we should be projecting a party a political party that is not found in any other South East state as our own, because certain elements are profiting from it. We should em­ulate those that have left the mi­croscopic party and they now have the Vice President.”

Anambra Union also con­demned in strong terms the high cost of electioneering in the state.

The group instead proposed an “Ohazulume Approach” where the will of the people is respect­ed to produce the best candidate.

It insisted that Anambra can­not afford to carry on as cash-and-carry state.

Anambra Union maintained that whoever is aspiring to gov­ern the state that has produced the likes of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu and Chinua Achebe, among oth­er giants, must be accomplished in learning and human management.

They said the era of when illit­erates and uninformed persons as­pire to pilot the affairs of the state is long gone and that the idea of going to court to get injunction for first leaving school certificate is no longer good enough for Anambra

In his speech, Prince John Emeka, an aspirant on the plat­form of the PDP who was also a former Minister of State for Trans­port said that the time had come for the state to put forth her first eleven in governance.

He pointed out that if he makes it to Awka Government House, the era of seeing develop­ment only on billboards and tele­vision sets without corresponding development on the ground will no longer be acceptable.

The aspirant said that his ad­ministration would be known for holistic development of the state where human capital will not be neglected.

He however stressed the need of the people to prevail in deciding who pilot the affairs of the state, noting that a situation where peo­ple are imported into the country and given the office of the gover­nor leaves so much to be desired.

Prince Emeka said that em­powerment of women and youths of Anambra will also take his pri­ority attention and that election would be promptly conducted for local government areas in the state because the council areas are the ones responsible for deepen­ing and taking development to the grassroots.