Tuesday 26th September, 2017
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Anambra Guber: INEC takes CVR exercise to registration areas

Anambra Guber: INEC takes CVR exercise to registration areas

The Indepen­dent National Electoral Com­mission (INEC) has disclosed that it will commence the de­centralisation of the on-going Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) exercise to the reg-istration areas in Anambra state, ahead of the November 18Governorship Elec­tion in the state.

The commission stated in a statement issued yesterday that the decentral-ised ex­ercise, which begins today, will enable more people, espe­cially those living in the rural areas to reg­ister and be part of the voting exercise in the governorship elec­tion, adding that the CVR exercise in the state would continue till Tuesday 15, August 2017.

INEC stated that the decentralised ex-ercise will now spread from the 21 lo-cal gov­ernment areas in the state to the 326 Reg­istration Areas in the state, adding that the decision is aimed at bringing the exercise closer to the people as well as to ensure every eligible Nigerian in the state is captured in the exercise.

The Commission, however, warned that the exercise in Anam­bra should not be mis­understood for a fresh vot-er registration, but should be seen as an opportunity for eligible citizens who have not registered be­fore and those whose names were not found on the voters register to get regis-tered.

“The CVR exercise also provides a win­dow for those who wish to trans-fer their registration details to anoth-er location to do so, as well as to pro-vide room for those who have lost their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) to apply for replacements”, the statement added.

The Commission noted that it would display the register at the registration cen­tres from Wednesday 16th August to Sunday 20th August, to enable reg-istrants check the details of their reg-istrations and seek for correction where nec­essary.