FG hypocritical over herdsmen menace – Abia PDP

January 14th, 2018

From Steve Oko, Umuahia

The Abia State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP), has accused the Federal Government of hypocrisy and double standard in handling the criminal activities of killer herdsmen in parts of the country.

PDP said the Federal Government “treats herdsmen with kid gloves” despite their terrorist tendencies while using sledge harmer on other groups not as violent as they.

Abia PDP Chairman, Chief Johnson Onuigbo who made the allegation during a media chat in Umuahia blamed Nigerians for electing President Muhammadu Buhari to power in 2015, saying they were warned against the action considering Buhari’s autocratic antecedents.

He described Buhari as a sectional and highly tribilised leader unfit to preside over the affairs of an ethnic plural society like Nigeria.

” The army came here and finished our boys during the Operation Python Dance ; they went to Niger Delta and crushed them during operation Crocodile Smile , but now that herdsmen are busy killing people in Benue they only sent the police.

” What stopped them from also launching a military operation against the murderous herdsmen? There is a grand plan to Islamise Nigeria, that is why they have unleashed herdsmen against non-muslim communities.

” But we must remove APC in 2019 if we love the unity of this country. PDP had managed the economy of Nigeria well for 16 years until APC came like locust and ravaged everywhere.

“APC only brought bad change to Nigeria. We warned Nigeria against electing Buhari because of his past antecedents but they refused to listen. Now everybody has felt the heat of the evil change which we must change come 2019”.

Chief Onuigbo said restructuring had not only become inevitable but sacrosanct if Nigeria must remain united as a geopolitical entity, insisting that any political party opposed to restructuring must be shown the red card in 2019.

He also said that PDP had learnt its bitter lessons and would no longer tolerate imposition of candidates and impunity which he regretted, caused its misfortunes in the 2015 polls.

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