Prophet T.B. Joshua, Nigeriaa��s greatest untapped asset

February 7th, 2018

One of the greatest assets Nigeria has had is in the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations. The man of God, irrespective of the level of criticism and condemnation he had or is currently facing from his own people, had continued to enjoy a cult of stunning followership in the country and abroad. JOHN SILAS writes.

Several people within and internationally have nursed deep desire to catch a glimpse of Prophet Temitope .B. Joshua and wished he had come and set feet on their country, but in home Nigeria, he is not being given desired dignity and accorded due courtesies, ostensibly because as the Bible puts it, a prophet is with honour except among his countrymen. In some instances, some people even castigated him, including surprisingly, prominent clerics who are supposed to champion unity within the Christendom. But, investigations have revealed that the Arigidi-Akoko born cleric was either misunderstood or those who perceive him otherwise, were completely misplaced or propelled by envy.

His international crusades have proved to be magnificent success. No doubt, the huge number of people worshipers who throng such venues, bear eloquent testimony to what they had gained therefrom. At the moment, doubting Thomoses have realised that the man of God is merely exhibiting his God-given talents and assignments and no more.
However, because we live in a world where there is competition even in the Lorda��s vineyard, it would not be surprising that critics would find it difficult to come to terms with his soaring popularity immense ecclesiastical gifts.
The truth is that Prophet T.B. Joshua is propelled by God and this has created some kind of envy among fellow clerics, who feel the best option is to cast mud at him, rather than bless God for such a rare gift. And since they cannot but see him vindicated each time they cast aspersion on him, they become more frustrated.

Unarguably, T.B. Joshua is a foremost man of God in black skin, who has attracted more foreigners to Nigeria in what is now popularly referred to as a�?reverse missionary diplomacya��. In those days, especially shortly after the abolition of the slave trade, white missionaries brought the gospel to Africa. But now, the whites are the ones trooping to Africa in search of spiritual succour at The Synagogue Church of All Nations. If Prophet T.B. Joshua is not able and capable to dispense Goda��s spiritual blessings, they would not embarking on such spiritual diplomatic voyage week-in-week-out.
Aside from his healing and deliverance ministries, Prophet T.B. Joshua remains an astute internationally-acclaimed philanthropist, whose charity prowess have caught the attention of the United Nations. According to a recent Forbes report, a�?the man of God has spent over 20 million dollars in humanitarian aid in different parts of the world. Together with his Emmanuel TV Partners, succour and financial aid have gone to many people, nations and institutions around the worlda�?.
The man of God, it has been disclosed, had built a school in Pakistan, a predominantly Moslem country, and had equally contributed immensely towards the rehabilitation of hundreds of victims of the Haiti earthquake, some years ago.
Since the issue of Nigerian migrants to Libya became a front-burner humanitarian issue, Prophet T.B. Joshua has been in the forefront of providing immeasurable assistance. According to credible sources, he has spent close to N300 million towards the rehabilitation of deportees from Libya, most of who are usually abandoned at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport on arrival from the North African country.
In fact, it is well known that the man of God has never closed his doors to the needy. He has continually told members of his congregation to make almsgiving a habit, adding that people who had entrenched Goda��s true love always look out for the needy and assist them. Nigeriaa��s religious narrative would indeed be incomplete without due credit to this enigma who once washed peoplea��s feet for a living in the muddy streets of Lagos.
Today, the man of God can look back and thank God for using him to positively touch on the lives in several ways. Unknown to Nigerians, Prophet T.B. Joshua was one of the brains behind then President Umaru Musa Yara��Aduaa��s Amnesty Programme which has gradually brought deadly agitations in the oil-rich Niger-Delta region to an end. The success so far recorded in the programme cannot be overemphasized. And with the precarious economic situation the county has been enmeshed in recently, it would not be out of place if the managers of the nationa��s consult the Prophet to catch a lead towards a national economic revival.
Prophet T.B. Joshuaa��s track record speaks for him and ought to have been acknowledged. God has blessed Nigeria with a great Prophet. All we need do is to consult him so that the blessings other countries are tapping through his anointing can spread throughout Nigeira. Without mincing words, Nigeria needs such blessings now, more than ever!

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