FG urged to apply tech to achieve ease of doing business policy

February 12th, 2018

By Hassan Zaggi

The Federal Government has been urged to apply technology to achieve its recently introduced policy on ease of doing business in Nigeria.

The President, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Mr. Glory Idehen,A�gave the advice while responding to questions from journalists at the inauguration of the board of directors of the association in Abuja, last weekend.

He, however, argued that it is only the positive application of information technology that can guarantee the speedy and sustained growth and development of the Nigeriaa��s economy.

According to him: a�?Currently, virtually most of the things we do including online banking, online air ticket, hotel booking and booking of transport companies are on technology. As we continue to use best practice in information technology, our business process can easily be improved upon.

a�?Even the recently signedA�Executive Order on the ease of doing business by the Federal Government can be achieved by the effective use of technology.

a�?We as cyber and IT professionals are out to see that the government apply and use the appropriate technologies in driving business. With the use of technology, the country can advance and businesses can prosper.a�?

Mr. Idehen argued that with the appropriate use of technology, corruption in Nigeria will soon be a thing of the past, stressing that his groupA�is ready to work closely with the government to ensure that technology in Nigeria is secured and meets global best practices.

On how technology can be used to halt corruption, he said: a�?When you have the right technology in place, it can help reduce corruption if not eliminate it completely. In the use of technology, there is always an audit trail and auditors can come in and access all the relevant details to see that the controls are intact.

a�?WhatA�ISACA does as an organization is to develop individuals that can build in controls into our applications and systems to prevent corruption.a�?

Speaking, the outgoing president of ISACA, Mr. Ezeribe Chimenka, noted that his group has demonstrated over time that Nigeria can use technology to achieve national development and growth in our economy.

While insisting that the use of technology is the right way to go to resolve Nigeriaa��s economic challenges, Chimenka said: a�?You can see that the Nigerian economy has been facing a lot of challenges in the last two years or more, we believe that the right way to go in salvaging the economy is the use of technology.a�?

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