2019: Bindowa��s nightmares

February 14th, 2018

As politicians continues their permutation ahead of the 2019 general elections, the year has become a nightmare a lot, particularly those in elective offices. In this report correspondent
Austin Ajayi writes on the chances of Governor Umaru Mohammadu Jibril retaining his seat at the Doguri government house in Yola.

There are palpable fear in the minds of most elected officers and those seeking to be elected in offices in 2019 in Adamawa state, following the an uncommon achievement and floors of the Bindow lead administration since May, 2015.

Bindow as he is popularly called may have given his best in the mist of challenges that bedevilled the state which ranges from poor infrastructural development, poor road network across the state among others.

A drive around major streets in Yola, Jimeta, Mubi, Numan, Ganye and other towns in Adamawa shows that the Bindowa��s administration has passion for road construction, as over 100 rural and urban roads have been constructed and the roads are still counting as at the time of this report, with over 229kilometer road already constructed at the cost of N16 billion in just two years.

Bindow has also declared emergency on health and educational sectors, though very little has been seen in these sectors but observers says the magic wand of Bindow has worked in the state.

Harry Truman, the 33rdd US president once said a�?Man makes history and
not the other way round, in periods where there is no leadership, the
society stands still, but progress occurs when courageous, skilful
leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the bettera�?

This could be in Bindowa��s when he got elected into office as the executive governor of Adamawa state when he said a�?my election as governor of Adamawa state is an opportunity given to me by God to serve him through working for the people and my sole motive is
to do my best and move Adamawa state to the next level of developmenta�?.

Though t Governor may have score high in roads construction across the state, followers of Adamawa politics however argue that the road construction was a conduct pipe lunched by himself.

They also expressed worries the depth and sustainability of the roads as against
structures which can be easily valued.

Another school of thought believed that the Governor is riding on the back of World Bank RAMP programme which the state paid her counterpart funding for the road constructed.

There are some people within the same party, who believed that the governor has failed and should not be given a second chance.

It is obvious that the governor no longer enjoy the full supports of his party, due to the
gathering cloud around him as there are synergy of gladiator who want him out within the APC because of his stand of not sharing the state funds with them.

The race for the ticket will be a showdown of these group, which include former Governor Murtala Nyako, the sacked SGF Engr. Babachir Lawan, current SGF, Boss Mustapha, Engr.
Markus Gundiri, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as well as those loyal to the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar.

The defection of Atiku to PDP may have also given Governor Bindow sleepless nights, with reports that about eight of his kitchen cabinet members are set to dump him. As if this is not
enough problems for his second term bid, the Adamawa state House of Assembly is threatening Court action against his brother, Habu Umar Jibrilla, for non-implementation and shabby execution of road projects awarded to his company a�?Muraj Construction Companya�?.

The chairman, Adamawa State House Committee on Rural Development Hon. Mohammed
Abubakar Maikanti told journalist in Yola that the company diverted N96million as tax deduction from the N200million counterpart funding.

Apart from awarding contracts to his brother, governor Bindowa��s critics are insisting that he should leave the stage arguing that he is the sole beneficiary of the so called infrastructural development, with promises to prove this assertions in due time.

They also said a�?Adamawa state is witnessing the worst form of degeneration in the area of human capital development along socio-economic survival of the state, describing it as a�?canteen of low morale of local government staff, primary school teachers as well as
primary health care workera�?.

The Civil servants in the state also have being experiencing hardship of late payment of salaries and the non-payment of leave grant for the 3rd year now and the complete stoppage of training and retaining of workers since the coming of his administration in 2015.

a�?The Atiku factor has also given Bindow nightmare, no doubt; the support he got from the former Vice President will not be there in 2019a�?, said one of Atikua��s lieutenants.

Atiku was believed to have bankrolled Bindowa��s governorship campaign in 2015,with N500m, after he defeated Atikua��s candidate, a claim which Bindow himself has ascertained.

It is argued that though Bindow may have gathered enough money to bank roll his second term ambition in 2019, his political sagacity can never be compared to that of the generalissimo of Adamawa politics (Atiku Abubakar) whose lieutenants are swelling by the day.

Beside these factors that may kill the dream of Bindowa��s second term ambition, there are other strong forces that could affect the Governor.
For example, the suspension of Yola north local government chairman Alhaji Mamuda who
is believed to be the candidate of president Buharia��s kitchen staff (Sakari), may have brought some issues between the Governor and the presidency.

Despite all these factors against the chances of Umaru Mohammadu Jibirlla Bindow for a second term, there is still hope for the embattles Governor, following his performance in road construction across the state.

Bindow once said a�?no one gave me the chance but I will surprise them, I will use my experience in the business world to make the differencea�?

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