I Can’t Marry A Man Who Earns N200k Or Less – Singer, Toby Grey Reveals

February 14th, 2018

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tobi Grey, in a new interview, has declared that she cannot get married to a man who earns N200,000 or less. In a new interview with Broadway TV, when asked the question, Tobi Grey said; a�?Well, yeah if thata��s not his only business.*winksa�?.

She went further to say, a�?if we are going to end up getting married, then thata��s not good enough, Ia��m so sorry, Ia��m not materialistic but this is just reality, ita��s the fact, I mean if we are going to have like 10 kids your 200,000 wona��t cut it, so no! Except you have other businesses.a�?

The singer also revealed that she once kissed a man with mouth odour, and shea��d do it again, rather than walking out on a music deal.

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