Stakeholders praise book on maritime industry

March 28th, 2018

Against the background of the unbridled quest for ill-gotten and sudden wealth, maritime stakeholders have described as a�?timely and an ideal mentorship materiala�? for the younger generation of Nigerians the book,A�Beacons of Nigeria Maritime Industry.

A�A�A�Co-authored by two veteran maritime journalists, Hope Orivri and Obiajulu Agu, the book is a collection of semi-biographies of 50 great personalities in the Nigerian maritime sector over the decades. It is presented in simple narratives and provides a rich insight into their lives, how they dealt with situations and survived the times.

A�A�A�Speaking during the presentation in Lagos, the Chairman of Shipownersa�� Forum, Mrs. Margaret Orakwusi, said the book is a beautiful, timely collection of the dreams, visions, struggles and unbroken resolves of the personalities listed, which ultimately led to their career successes and/wealth.

A�A�A�Orakwusi, who also chaired the occasion, said a�?the book is unique because these days you hear some names all of a sudden who are billionaires without knowing how they made their money. I want the young ones to celebrate excellence, not money.

A�A�A�a�?The book is a model of what success is all about. It celebrates a lot of success stories from infancy to who they are today, their various contributions, bottlenecks and everything, because we all have our low moments.

A�A�A�a�?It identifies the success stories in the maritime industry, their educational backgrounds, pedigree, and at least justifies todaya��s success. People have laid solid foundation and are impacting positively on the society, offering employment and all that goes with that.a�?

A�A�A�For the reviewer and Head, Department of Mass Communication, the University of Lagos, Prof. Abigail Ogwezzy-Ndisika, the authors undertook a purposeful journey to establish the fact that a�?it takes an enduring process to build value, shaped by the things people do over time.a�?

A�A�A�According to her, the book a�?mirrored life in its entirety, exposing the truth about life; that experiences will always be different for different people, but the baseline is how people are able to piece the puzzles together and find meaning in what they decide to do.a�?

A�A�A�a�?The stories tell us that there are no short cuts to success but long, enduring efforts and purpose to sustaining achievements,a�? and a�?taken together, they (personalities) constitute an inspiring testament dedicated to men of excellence who are upstanding, not grand standing, and wear the garb of distinction.a�?

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