My partner will come at Goda��s appointed time a�� Eucharia Anunobi

April 11th, 2018

Born again and recently bereaved Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi has recently opened up to the fact that she is willing to give love another chance and is praying that Goda��s appointed time to come. Thios much was revealed in a recent interview the actress granted. In her words;
a�?I do not know how I have been coping but I wake up and tell God that I know he has been keeping me. If I want to begin to think about how I have been holding up, I dona��t think I would be able to say anything. God has said that we should not walk by sight but by faith so I am not looking at the event that surrounds me or had surrounded me. If I begin to look at them or think about them, like Peter in the Bible, I would begin to sink as I walk on water.
So I do not want to think about the events around me, I just know that God is the author of everything and he is the one that I look up to. I know that he knows all about the pain I am going through.a�? I would say for a split second while I held my son who died in my hands, I asked, a�?where is God?a�� at that moment but in less than two seconds, he answered me and said that in the midst of the storm, I am here, dona��t worry,a�? she told Punch.
Anunobi went on to reveal that despite all she has been through, she is open to finding love again. a�?To keep myself happy I read the work of God. I pray and I am also schooling. I am involved in a lot of work, I am very busy. I am open to love but at the right time. God who is the author and finisher of my faith has great plans for me. Why not? I am open to love. There is no one who has been created and would say that they do not want a partner, so why not? I pray for a partner and I know my partner would come at Goda��s appointed time.a�? Asked how she would react if she gets pregnant again, she answered that a�?You are going too far with your questions but if my partner comes and I get pregnant again, we would give glory to God.a�?

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