Re election of President Buhari is the shortest route to actualizing Igbo presidency – Moghalu

April 25th, 2018

The National Auditor of All Progressives Congress (APC), George Moghalu, who was also a governorship aspirant in the last Anambra state governorship election, says the re election of the incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari, is the shortest route to the actualization of Igbo presidency.
He spoke about the modest achievements of the government of the day and some other national issues during an interaction with journalists in his Urauagu-Nnewi Anambra state country home. ISAAC OJO brings the excerpt for Authority Newspaper

The Igbo seem not to be favourably disposed to the declaration of President Buhari to go for second tenure

Ndigbo will do well to strongly support the re election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari based on what he has done for the South-east zone just three years in power. When people talk about not supporting the re election bid of President Buhari, it reminds one of where we are coming from, in the last sixteen years before the All Progressives Congress(APC) came on board, the question we should ask is what can the Igbos show for their support to PDP for sixteen solid years.

Today the federal roads are receiving attention, Enugu-Onitsha, Enugu-Aba, Enugu-Port Harcourt is approved. You and I are aware of the political flag off of 2nd Niger Bridge after every four years when the PDP was in charge. It is only when APC came on board that the actual design of the bridge was made.

Apart from infrastructure, there are a lot of positive things going on in the country and South-east is at the center of FG developmental stride. You can be sure that more will happen if APC government continue to pilot the affairs of the country.

Where does President Buharia��s declaration for second tenure leave the clamour for Igbo Presidency

Many people are clamouring for Igbo presidency, but for some of us in APC, we are of the opinion that it is only through the APC that the Igbo presidency can be actualized in 2023. By the time President Buhari is through in 2023, it will remain only South-east. Though power is not giving and that is why we as a people should continue to support APC.

There this general believe that the government has failed in the area of providing adequate security for Nigerians

The APC controlled government has done very well. You and I were here when fourteen local government areas were taken over by insurgents but today under the APC’s watch all the captured council areas have been taken back. Everybody is worried about insecurity but the government has encouraged and empowered security organizations to tackle the scourge headlong. Mopping up of arms from unauthorized fellows may be a way of ending killings across the country.

We as a people must support the government and security organisations. I am concerned just like many Nigerians about the security situation in the country but the government is trying her best. We must all endeavor to carry out our civic responsibility of making useful information available to the security agents. Security is a collective responsibility.

What are your expectations from President Buhari if his agenda for re election sails through

Just like every Nigerians, I expect a lot from President Buhari when he returns; government is not just about the Igbo, there are other zones which are equally seeking attention. We expect infrastructural diversification and improved security but the Buhari I know will do more. He has done well on his electoral campaign promises to Nigerians which he hinged on improved security, fighting corruption and infrastructural development.

It is indisputable that President Buhari is the icon of anti-corruption in Africa. He was a former governor in the North East which is now about five states, he was a Minister of Petroleum, it was when he was overseeing the petroleum ministry as a minster that the nation’s refineries were built. He was in charge of PTF with its huge budget, don’t forget the man we are talking about was a former Head of State. He came out clean in all the strategic offices he held. If he was incorruptible as a young man, is it now that he is above seventy years that he will change, your guess is as good as mine. He can not learn stealing at seventy.

But President Buhari’s anti-corruption stance seems to be targeted only at the opposition

When people claim that the corruption war is targeted at the members of the opposing political party, I laugh. Check out the names mentioned for corruption and let anyone of them come out publicly and tell us he or she did not steal money. Leta��s take the money taken from the office of NSA for example, it is impossible for anyone of us in APC to be part of that fraud because we were in opposition then, now they are no longer in power and they are being asked to vomit what they illegally ate, they are now trying to paint a picture of being targeted because they are in opposition. That is ridiculous!

The APC government has invested heavily on infrastructural development of Nigeria. The government is also investing on other aspect of the economy. It amuses me when people say all manner of things about APC controlled government. I always remind them that it is only a woman who marries two men that will say which one of them is better. The same thing is applicable to a man that marries two women. Nigeria was married to the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) for sixteen years without having anything tangible to show for it. The nation’s infrastructure totally collapsed under the PDP controlled government to the extent that almost all the federal roads became so bad that only an insignificant few were motor able.

After an unsuccessful attempt at Anambra state governorship election, are you preparing to run for senate

I have put the governorship election behind me and I am not going to contest for senate. My future, and that includes my political future is in the hands of God. I just don’t run election for the sake of it. I do it when I am spiritually and physically prepared to serve the people. There is no need to start talking about the past.

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