2019: Only the youths can deliver Nigeria

May 2nd, 2018

Youthful Adamu Garba is an IT expert, who has thrown his hat into the race for Nigeriaa��s presidency in 2019. With his message of economic restructuring, Garba insists that Nigeriaa��s hope lies only in its youths, EZEOCHA NZEH brings the Excepts.

Why do you want to choose the Presidency as your starting point in your political career? Not even the State House, National Assembly or even the Governor of your state.

The only reason I chose the presidency is because of the programme and proposals Ia��m putting on the table, which is called structural reform, what I am proposing to do in the Nigerian system is structural reform. You can effectively be able to implement structural reform to the exact conclusion when youa��re the president, especially in a country where 60% of the power is concentrated at the presidency if you mistakenly say you want to go for the governor or the senator, you will just be able to share the light, you will complain, you will raise the Bills, you will shout like Senator Abaribe and Ben Bruce are doing but it cana��t change anything because at the end of the day youa��ll still share the pile.
I became the youngest president of Jimeta Youth Association, which is actually our Local Government Association. From there I moved to the university and then also became the president of National Youth Coalition for sustainable democracy. Now along that part I discovered that we the youthsa�� participation in politics is more than just and waiting for politicians to come and settle us, and it becomes a very serious problem because it is really not addressing the problem, and when you look at the surrounding people are just going down, situations are becoming worst, nobody is adding anything to their lives. So I decides to start looking deeply into why Nigeria is what it is today and what can we do to fix it.

Security has been a very big challenge; call it Boko Haram or herdsmen and you say you want structural reform, how is it possible noting that your state is one of the most affected.

You see from independence this country has not taken conscious effort to unite herself as a nation, the people that collected independence are very patriotic, very nice people and great men, but there primary allegiance was to their origin not to the country as a common vote, from there we have regional allegiances even the party formations becomes regionalised so from there we now sink ourselves into serious identity crisis that we forget the very essence of why we are existing in the very first place. Why we are here in this country is because we are a collection of economies, Nigeria is a market place it is not really all those rigid contents that are defined by natural boarders. What we need to do is enable the market so that people can transact, buy and sell to each other. Once you live everything at the expense of politics as opposed to the economic opportunities that suppose to avail the people, people will naturally take it far and the identity will now keep polarizing and you see different identities rising up, people will carry arms to defend themselves, that is why you see Boko Haram will come out and say we dona��t want Nigeria, we want our own country same goes to Biafra simply because everything is politics, Forgetting the main reason why we need to be together which is economy, because if an Aba man can comfortably sell his product to the man in Maiduguri and the Maiduguri man knows that he has a very large market in Aba there will be no reason to fight. That is what we need to do in our proposal wea��re going to come up with to rectify the principles of why we are in Nigeria, because people are confused and dona��t know where to go to.

Nigeria voters recognizes only two political parties, the APC and the PDP, and each of these parties have caucuses, do you think any other political party can defeat the PDP or APC?

Personally I believe that the president can emerge from any other political party other than the PDP and APC. As a business man what I leant in business is to be pragmatic, to be very realistic and then to look at all that is happening. Although they are saturated, but sometimes you dona��t rule out the possibility of a breakthrough in a saturated system because the saturated system is also polarized within, and that polarization could be of advantage to a new comer, that is why Ia��m not ruling out any political party Ia��m not ruling out coming out from the new or the old political parties because I dona��t believe that the APC and the PDP are establishments of the 1999. If you go back to history this APC, ACNC and AG are the same parties that converted to SDP and NRC and the same party regenerated to PDP and APC from all these you that it is just an evolution. So if our current politicians can understand the need for us to maintain this legacy and produce the right political leaders for the nation going forward then ita��s an opportunity to open doors, legalise their policies and allow true democracy to be seen within the existing structure or else they risk a new party emerging from ground to overtake and pushing away the entire legacy theya��ve been building since independence.

Party Primaries will take place in the next few months and you are yet to identify with any political party. What are your plans?

If you look at the structure of what is happening within the PDP and APC, the two major political parties there is a lot of wrangling and polarization firstly, secondly is that I carry a card of one of the political parties I dona��t just want to disclose it because of political reasons, so Ia��m not involved actively in any political party but am already a member of a particular political party all I need is just to look into whether they are right for me to incline with them the two major political party or maybe Ia��ll just go into any of the new political parties entirely. if you have the right message now that sooner these guys are tired and they obviously know that this country is not working the way it is, they also know clearly that it is not about having plenty money, staying in a very big place and driving a very big car, they know ita��s not working, for this reason they need to open the door and allow other people to come in, serious people with the right policies so that we can make this country work for us once.

You are aspiring for the presidency of Nigeria, peradventure you become the president of Nigeria, what will be your take on re-structuring the country?

Restructuring Nigeria is a very big debate. There are areas that I so much advocate for; the area of removing state of Origin very important I dona��t believe in state of origin I believe in state of residence also the area of removing (FEC) regime, were you have people coming from different localities to converge in Abuja to collect money that they dona��t work for I dona��t believe in that, I believe that these monies should be used to build our infrastructure. The areas i have some questions is in the area of resource control. Countries that you see succeed like China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc, they use their available resources, the strategic resources to build their country, they understand that there is need for integration across the supply chain so that the country can get a sound function, but unfortunately for us in Nigeria the natural resources we have at the end of the month they put it as piece of pie and people take their share and then it becomes a problem.

What are the challenges you are facing aspiring for Presidency?

The major challenge is people use to ask questions, are you sure youa��re serious? Are you sure you are aspiring for presidency or you want to identify with any of the organizations to see if they will give you your share, or maybe make you Minister or an Adviser. That is usually the challenges among the youthful population in Nigeria. I dona��t want to say that there is nobody that came up this way but maybe some came and they were making noise. But what I usually give them is the assurance that the business that I do and what I have is more than what a Minister earns if he doesna��t steal money and even if he steals money. So am not interested in any other thing other than making this country work. Personally I dona��t even like politics. What I want is to open the country economically

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