Bitter Kola scarcity hits Nasarawa and environs

May 3rd, 2018

. As pharmacist speaks on its importance

From Francis Nansak, Lafia

Bitter Kola fondly called Namijin Goro in Hausa language, Orogbo in Yoruba and Aki ilu in Igbo language is out of market in Nasarawa State as this has left some of its consumers distressed; searching for it at whatever price provided it is available and can be reached.

The nuts which its consumers said has remedy to various illnesses, has made the scarcity to have negative impact to mostly adult population from the state, who are major consumers of the nuts.

Investigation by our reporter most consumers of the nuts are so addicted to it, that its scarcity in the market normally brings anxiety to them, as they have become desperate in the search of where to behold this elixir, which science has proved that it can cure cough, asthma, fever etc.
A Thirty year old man, Zubairu Saleh in his opinion to why bitter kola is a recipe after his meal, said it has the ability to boost the hormones and that he learnt the habit from his Uncle under whom he was trained, adding that apart from being addicted to the kola, he has enjoyed it usage as a genital erectile dysfunction.

According to him “I have been able to prove this severally, at a time I was suffering from Malaria fever without the usual early morning erection, but when I got introduced to the bitter kola as suggested by my uncle, I was not only relief of the fever but discovered that I regain normalcy in my genital,” he said.
He also said that it serves as a sterilizer; it helps in reducing sugar concentration in the body system.

However, a pharmacist has exploited the advantages and the disadvantages of consuming bitter kola. Pharmacist Lazarus Mandung explained bitter kola is all that commendable as it has high quality toxins which without regulated intake can lead to cancer and other hormonal malfunction.

In his opinion there is no up to date medical account to what ailment bitter kola is said to be a cure to but that he has been using it and noticed that it enhances libido in men as well as it can be used to prevent sleeping in day time, mostly by drivers and other people whose job entails vigilance as security men.

He advised those who have formed the habit of consuming the commodity daily to reduce to at least to two of the nuts in a week, to avoid inflammatory of body glands which could lead to severe means of cure.

Bitter kola is mostly hawk on the street by especially old northern men as they go from one community to the other selling at the rate of N20 to N50 per one.

Baba Inusa Maichibi said he is from Zaria and has been into the trade for as long as he became resident in Lafia ten years ago. He said has never gone to the market where it is sold to them in basket and noticed any scarcity in the commodity.

“It has been temper ally out of the business now for about a month in Lafia which made me to contact my other fellows in the trade at Mararaba, Keffi and as far as Wurku town in Makurdi but to my greatest amazement they are also complaining of the scarcity in their areas.”

The AUTHORITY reports that bitter kola which is served in some revered areas in government functions mostly consumed by traditional rulers whenever they convene for an event, has for sometimes now disappeared from the table of the dignitaries .

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