The worth of a Nigerian in South Africa

May 8th, 2018

The news came again recently of the killing of a Nigerian in South Africa by South Africans under the criminal activity popularly called xenophoebic attacks. These are hostilities directed against non-South African by South African gangs for no other reason than that they cannot tolerate non-citizens of their countries in their midst. Mr. Clement Nwaogu, the latest victim of these attacks was killed on Monday in Rusenburg, South Africa, in the most vicked and inhuman way. The mob set fire on him alive and watched him die in agony.

Mr Nwaogua��s death has been preceded by many wanton killing of African nationals living in South Africa, particularly Nigerians. In fact, it is on record that the killing of the Nwaogu came less than 10 days after another Nigerian, ThankGod Okoro, 30, was killed by unprovoked but angry South African mob. It was reported that between January and December 2016, no fewer than 20 Nigerians were murdered. One of the victims, Tochukwu Nnadi was strangled to death by South African Police for allegedly being involved in a drug related offence. What an extra-judicial murder!

The South African police also allegedly extra-judiciously killed one Ikejiaku Chinedu, Monday Okorie, Gideon Ogalaonye, Nnamdi Michael, Adeniyi Olumoko, and Christian Onwukaike, because they were Nigerians and on flimsy excuses.

The mob do not only kill Nigerians, they also attack Nigeriansa�� business interests. It was gathered that even a mechanic workshop owned by a Nigerian was burnt together with 13 vehicles under repair while a church owned by a Nigerian was equally set ablaze by irate South Africans. As a matter of fact, no fewer than 116 Nigerians have been killed in South Africa in the last two years. That is a large number of innocent Nigerians sent to early grave by an ungrateful African neighbours.

The involvement of the SA police in the whole sad saga is confounding. A law enforcement outfit of a country like SA is not expected to act in manners as to portray it as having sympathy for the mobstars. It is also not expected to act extra-judicially as it has done in the matters involving Nigerians even when Nigerians break the law. No country is populated by only saints and if any Nigerian commits an offence, he should face the law, not being killed by angry policemen. When SA police act illegally as they have done with Nigerians in their country, they become no better than the gangsters that burnt Nwaogu to death.

As for South Africa, it quite strange that it has forgotten so soon the sacrifices Nigeria and Nigerians made to end Apartheid policy in that country to enthrone a majority rule which has now empowered blacks to rule that country. These killings are not certainly the best way to thank Nigerians for their resources that were spent in the independence struggle for SA blacks. The nation of SA should be reminded of the African proverb that communities that kill strangers never make progress, especially in the illegal way Nigerians are being killed there.

Back home, the Nigerian Government should think of more practical ways of compelling SA to end the killings. Ever since this madness began, all the Nigerian Government has done is talk and talk. It is obvious now that these appeals from Nigeria have fallen and will likely continue to fall on deaf ears. Some measure of deterrent is necessary from Nigeria now.

Like Hon. Leo Ogor of the House of Representatives once said, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should wake up to its responsibilities. As he put it, a�?They should let South Africa know that Nigeria has options.
But, we must act fast before we will be unable to contain the patience of Nigerians,a�? Ogor added. The AUTHORITY Newspapers agrees entirely with Hon. Ogor.

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