Ekweremmadu remains our senator even in prison—–Hon. Alukwu

May 9th, 2018

Hon. Ben Alukwu was the immediate past chairman of Ani Nri Local Government area of Enugu State. Alukwu has been a successful businessman before venturing into politics in his state.

In this interview with ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU, Alukwu insists that Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremmadu, will retain his seat at the red chambers, despite his alleged persecution by the federal government.


A�You seem to be very passionate about Senator Ekweremmadua��s political elevation. Which aspect of his political ideologies interest you most

With due respect to the politics of Nigeria today, I always believe that honour should be accorded to whom honour is due. In the life of the Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Ikechukwu Ekweremmadu, I should align myself with his style of politics being so cool headed as a politician.

In Enugu West today and in the entire South Eastern part of Nigeria, his name rings a bell because of his perception and attitude to politics. Sequel to this, Enugu state stakeholders on the 14th of April, honoured the Deputy Senate President alongside the Enugu state Governor and other National Assembly members from Enugu West. This honour was accorded to them by the entire five local government Areas of Enugu West. He was endorsed to go back to the Senate and I beat my chest to say that the entire Enugu west senatorial district have taken it as a decision that he must go back to the senate. In as much as our votes in Enugu state will count, Enugu West citizens gave him that mandate and it has known to all the politicians both in the rulingA� and the opposition parties.

You mean the Deputy Senate President has no opposition in the 2019 contest

He doesna��t have any opposition. He was endorsed without prejudice. Other serving members at the Federal House of Representative are lucky as they too got same endorsement as Ekweremmadu, including Hon. Toby Okechukwu, representing Ani Nri/ Awgu/ Orji River federal constituency and Hon. Dennis Oguerinwa Amadi, representing Udi/Eziagu federal constituency. These members actually earned the endorsement because of their quality representation and help of Senator Ike Ekweremmadu. We can stand on our feet and thank God for giving us somebody like Prof Ike Ekweremmadu, who has joined the Enugu State Governor to change the face of Enugu state.A�The State Governor, Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Ike Ekweremmadu and other National Assembly members from Enugu West Senatorial zone were endorsed for second term. They earned it and we will continue to support them. Our Governor, Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has nothing to fear in our senatorial zone because he has our votes 100 percent.

You said that the political character and attitude of Prof Ekweremmadu earned him respect and endorsement for re-election, why is it that some people are still fighting him

A�What they are doing is political witch hunting, since they could not see anything to indict him or pull him down. Their gang up is operation pull him down. They moved into his personal life, his financial data, his wellbeing but they dona��t know anything. They dona��t know that any time, any day, even if they push Prof Ike Ekweremadu to prison, Enugu West will still be behind him. Whatever that happens to him, he will still be our Senator come 2019 to 2023 and I am sure of that. We love him and he loves us dearly. He is our voice and that of Enugu state, if not Ndigbo in Nigerian politics. He has never been compromised and all these ranting wona��t distract him one bit.

Do you think all these are because of 2019

A�Exactly, that is because of 2019. All these things happening now are part of the 2019 fever and despite the fever, Ekweremmadu is going back because he remains one of the senators in Nigeria that is down to earth, closer to the grassroots and maintains cordial relationship with his State Governor. He has distinguished himself in the senate and Nigerian politics. He is part of the success story of Enugu State today. The Enugu State governor is very comfortable with him. Enugu west senatorial zone are also very comfortable with him.

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