Ia��ll support Ambode, but Buhari, no go area – Prophet Nwachukwu

May 9th, 2018

Goda��s Oracle, Prophet (Dr.) Anene Nwachukwu, South West Overseer of RHEMA Deliverance Mission, has declared the second term bid of President Muhammadu Buhari as a no go area. According to him, the President has failed the country, as thousands of Nigerians are hacked down under his watch. In this interview with CYRIACUS NNAJI at his church in Lagos, Nwachukwu spoke on state of the nation, empowerment and other national issues.

What is your comment on the state of the nation especially the killing of Christians and men of God in the North today?

We have never had this kind of heinous crime like we are experiencing today, Nigeria is a country where people dona��t want to talk, especially when events like this unfold. People you are expecting to said something would not talk, may be they are afraid of losing their relationship with those in authority, or be seen as if they are fighting Government.

I belief that it is time that we clergy should speak out, but one of the problems we have is that people we believe that they are fathers, in ministry who are supposed to speak out are the ones romancing with these men in authorities. In the olden days, it is the prophets, that ordain the kings, but in Nigeria it is like the reverse is the situation. Today people are dying every day. Some of us would be thinking, that it doesna��t concern us, we are not affected, but one day it would be your turn, because it is moving from state to state. We are talking about Borno State now, the battle has shifted to Benue, Kaduna, Plateau State, it is coming to Enugu State, the same thing is happening to Ondo State, Edo states.

You see that every part of the country is already affected by this level of destruction of lives and property. So it is time that we speak out especially, the president is behaving as if he is less concern about the situation in the country. You see, it took Nigeriaa��s cry for the president to visit them in Benue, recently, he didna��t want to go, but you see in America, where there is any little problem, President Trump would go there, and address the issue. But the president would just sit over there and send IG of Police to go there, what would the IG do? Can IG control the army? Some of these things, you see Theophilus Danjuma accused the army of complicity, and you are sending a Police IG, can the Police IG tell a Connel in the army what to do, even a captain?

So these are some of the things we are witnessing in our country and we pray that one day God will answer this nation because I believe we need serious changes in our nation, especially in the coming election there must be a change,a�? Nwachukwu stated.

He said he supports 100% the call by Theophilus Danjuma for the people to defend themselves. a�?You cannot just watch yourself die like a goat, you must put up a fight, IG of police ordered everybody to surrender their arms, and you see the magnitude of destruction of lives and properties, it seems they have a secret agenda, because when you say people should surrender their arms, and under one month there was a massacre of human beings, they should be questioned. Gowon is calling for prayers, we should pray, yes, prayer is good, but prayer without work is not it. I can be closing my eyes to pray and somebody will come and stab me to death, we have to do what Jeremiah did, Jeremiah was fighting with one hand and with the other, he was holding the bible, you must defend yourself.

what do you think government can do to shore up the economy.

I am not a politician, I am a pastor, but I must tell you that, this current Government has failed Nigerians, and I prophesied it before it started happening, that Nigerians are clamouring for change, and there have been real change in so many things, we have been experiencing the change in everything, prices, inflation on the increase, and the current government, is not doing anything to better the lives of Nigerians, rather, they say they are fighting corruption, what corruption are we fightinga�? if we are fighting corruption River State Governor, Nyesom Nwike said it loud and clear that there is a petition against one of the ministers in Buharia��s government. It is a very powerful damning petition, till today has it been investigated?

There is a lot of corruption going on in this very government. The chairman of Niger Delta Amnesty that they got a lot of millions of dollars in his house; secretary to the federal government was indicted for corruption, these are people that came in to fight corruption, and it appears the president is not doing enough because the anti-graft war is one-sided, against the oppositions, the same way your election was financed was the same way PDP election was financed, but only PDP election is being investigated, so Nigerians are looking at that fight with one eye.

The president was accused of extra budgetary spending without recourse to the National Assembly, do you support call for his impeachment?

The president has done worse than that, and yet nobody is calling for his impeachment. If there is any way they can impeach Buhari today, my two hands will sign the signature; if need be, and my problem with people calling for impeachment is that they are not serious, all this is cosmetic fight, the moment money exchanges hand, the music direction will change. So I dona��t care about that nonsense call for impeachment.

What is your take on Presidenta��s second term bid?

May be people from Niger and Chad, and those that are not Nigerians will do the voting for him, but certainly not Nigerians. Do your investigation, go to the streets, and test the popularity of Buhari; I can tell you 95% of Nigerians are angry, that this man should not near contesting again talk less of re-election, personally I will not vote for him, and I have followers, and I will tell them that this is no go area, When they were doing constitutional Conference there were areas they mapped out as no go area: resource control no go area, the reelection of Buhari no go area.

Everything about APC is not bad I am talking about Federal Government. Lagos Election, I will vote Ambode for second term, I will even mobilize my members to vote for him. He is a serious, minded governor, the only thing I will advise Ambode is that people that are managing waste are not doing it well, he should look into that area; we can feel the impact of his government everywhere. I have seen him on many occasions fold his sleeves, and trouser moving in the hot sun inspection construction sites, have you seen Buhari at construction site telling people what to do, were you not seeing Jonathan at construction sites? Let us call a spade a spade, I will not vote for him.

On youths taking the mantle of leadership.

First, our president said Nigerian youths are lazy, I didna��t hear him say that, but if our youths are lazy, I must say Federal Government made them lazy. How? When you did not give them employment, are they not going to be at home, when you dona��t have conducive environment where people can find private job, to do like barbing saloon, hairdressing, where is the light to do that? He made them lazy.

I am praying that youths will take over the governance of this country, we are tied of all these dead woods, old men. In 1984 Buhari was president, I was told I am a leader of tomorrow, and I am grown, Buhari is still the president of Nigeria, so when will I lead, till when I die? All these people should retire to Daura so that young people will take over the governance of this county for things to improve for better in Nigeria.

On the church empowerment scheme

In our church we are involved in so many things like, charity, the widows in my church I pay house rent for some of them, I pay school fees for so many families, you can do your private investigation, I take care of the less privileged, we have a department in the church we call stomach infrastructure department, people donate rice, yam, beans, all kinds of foodstuff, and we used to announce in the church, if your family doesna��t have anything to eat.

I know what it means for somebody to wake up in the morning without food in his stomach, and to sleep again with nothing in his stomach, so base on that we started caring for the less privileged.

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