Imo: understanding Gov Rochas’ spirit in allied force stakeholders

May 15th, 2018

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike

Imo State chapter of the embattled All Progressives Congress (APC) is experiencing the highest height of internal crisis. Somebody said it is the great grandmother of all internal crisis. The situation that has lingered for a better part of the second term of Gov. Rochas Okorocha began since 2015.

The sudden ouster from office of the then Secretary of the Government of Imo State (SSG), Sir Jude Ejiogu before mid-term of the rescue mission regime has been pinned down as the first evidence that there was a systemic altercation among the leadership of the party and the governor it represents in Imo State. The unceremonious departure of Dr. Vitalis Orikeze Ajumbe from the cabinet of Gov. Okorocha consolidated the trouble in the rescue mission camp.

The situation of uneasy calm and its attendant season for anomie that steadily enveloped the leadership of Imo APC is what has snowballed and exploded into two major forceful factions; the Rochas Aguburu Confraternity and the self-styled Imo APC Stakeholders Forum which has also been dubbed “Allied Forces”.

In the Rochas Agburu Confraternity ably led by the governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, we find a rather few inconsequential band of loyalists., the henpecked members of Imo State House of Assembly (IMHA) right from the speaker, through the deputy speaker, the principal officers, to all other APC members in the Imo Assembly. We also see Uche Nwosu, the infamous Chief of Staff and Gov. Okorocha’s controversial son-in-law. We see Nnamdi Obiaraeri, the current Information Commissioner. We see Kingsley Uju, the Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations) and Chairman, Bureau for Land. We see some foot soldiers that do not merit mention here.

In the camp of the Imo APC Stakeholders Forum are found every other Imo APC big name that anybody can think about. They are too many to be listed here. The turn of events on Saturday, May 5, 2018 when the APC Ward Congress was conducted proved that the Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members have overpowered the Rohas Agburu Confraternity by doing what they know how to do best i.e betraying their benefactors, stealing of election result sheets, rewriting results, , sponsoring thugs and violence during polls, enforcing acts of rigging and election malpractices of all sorts, and ultimately enthroning illegitimate people to take charge of government and governance, with dire negative consequences.

From the ways of Gov. Rochas Okorocha in Imo APC and in fact Imo State in general even before the “coup de place” by the Imo APC Stakeholders Forum, it was clear that Rochas had always had his way to a large extent, ironically with the unbridled support of the members of the Imo APC Stakeholders Forum. As it has been seen, the stakeholders have eventually succeeded in fooling the overbearing governor by pretending for so long to have an unalloyed allegiance and loyalty to him and his Agburu Confraternity. And like the incompetent leader he has proved himself to be, Rochas was led by the nose until it dawned on him that he was on his own as far as Imo APC was concerned. He learnt the hard way that it was not all that were in his bogus Rochas Agburu Confraternirty were truly compliant. And so alas Gov. Okorocha lost out at the Ward Congress.

Be that as it may, while the Imo APC Stakeholders Forum and their admirers rejoice and regale at their coup de place (i.e palace coup), I could only feel disdain for them. Personally, I felt disdain because in all sincerity they all are still Gov. Okorocha’s mirror. It is a case of, like Rochas, like Stakeholders! This is because a cursory perusal of the gang in Imo APC Stakeholders Forum will indicate that besides Uche Nwosu, who is still the endorsed candidate of the Rochas Agburu Confraternity, all other Imo 2019 guber aspirants are stuck in pretence in the Imo APC Stakeholders Forum. I am thinking about Araraume, Madumere, Uzodimma, Ejiogu, Onyeaguocha, Chukwueke, Izunaso and any other Imo APC guber pretenders.

Now, the reasoning is that whichever way and however they go about it, only one of them will emerge the guber candidate. It is convenient to reson tahat if the betrayers and traitors could deploy their full bag of treachery and debauchery to blackmail and betray their indisputable Imo APC leader (I nearly typed ‘owner’) in the May 5, 2018, the only way they can produce one of them as candidate would be by same acts of brigandage and malpractice. It is not easy to conceptualize how else over-ambitious aspirants as listed earlier could easily and amicably identify and settle for a primus inter pares without recourse to jobbery and back stabbing.

Personally, I find it most insincere to excuse and exonerate any member of Imo APC Stakeholders Forum from the noxious draconian leadership style of Gov. Okorocha and his Rochas Agburu Confraternity. Are among those Stakeholders not same beneficiaries of Okorocha’s voodoo government system since 2011? Did they not benefit in the unconstitutional creation of Community Government Council (CGC) and State development Council (SDC) that Rochas devised to further hamstring the Local Government administration? Did some of them not support and/or accept appointments as spurious task Force leaders assigned by Rochas?

When Gov,. Okoorcha came up with the N4.2 billion a month vexatious malfeasance he tagged “All Taxable Adult Levy” that must be collected through the autonomous communities in Imo State, what did Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members say or do? When IMHA lawmakers populated by 99% APC members, rejected and killed the Local Government Autonomy Bill passed by the National Assembly and sent to them for assent, what did Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members say or do? Since Rochas Imo workers and pensioners to undesirable nuisance, what have Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members said or did?

What have Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members said or done about Rochas’ colossal destruction of Imo people’s means of earning decent livelihood? Since 2011 when Imo State University (IMSU) and its sister institution Imo State University Teaching Hospital (IMSUTH) lost accreditation on most of its major courses, what have members of Imo APC Stakeholders Forum said or done?

Rochas has indefensibly abandoned the 27 general Hospitals he claimed to be building. What have Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members said or done? Most of Imo rural communities have retarded far back into primitive ages, yet Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members pretend it is well and go on with business as usual. Imo people have been trekking long distances in Owerri City owing to bad transport policies enforced by Rochas. What have Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members said or done?

As Ethelbert Okere capture in the title of his great book, We All Can’t Be Wrong, I make bold to tell Imo APC Stakeholders Forum members that we all in Imo can’t be wrong at the same because we all can’t be fooled at the same.

Nwadike sent this piece from Owerri, Imo state

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