New formula for 2019 general elections in Nigeria

May 17th, 2018

By Livinus Nnebedum

Politics is supposed to be game of friends competing for elective posts without bitterness or rancor. For the present and future generation, politicians should see politics as a game of numbers in which there must be a winner and a looser at the same time; where the losers should always accept defeat in good faith and cooperate with the winners to build together, the Nation.

Next year, Nigerians will go for another general elections. Therefore New Formula with new Development is needed for further improvement in Nigeria’s politics and Economy. We have to learn from the past mistakes and re-build Nigeria’s national image for the good of present and future generations in Nigerians.

Politics can be defined as quest for power and to be at the helm of affairs of government directing who gets what and how the material and human resources should be managed, utilized and distributed. It is a means by which government of a country is won not by gun nor by violence or insurgency nor by snatching of ballot boxes. Power only belongs to God and the electorates who give mandate to their candidates who vie for different posts.

Experiences of the past elections in Nigeria had been characterized by violent actions. These should be avoided. The electorates have a duty to elect men and women of unquestionable characters to pilot the affairs of this nation. In modern dispensation and for the future, politicians should device a new and winning formula of penetrating the grassroots where majority of the voters stay. These grassroots form the majority and they must be recognized by the government and all the politicians who want to have their mandate. These people should be visited before, during and after elections through various means such as physical presence at their kindred or village meetings and media chat using radio talks, newspapers and television. In fact all present and future Nigerian politicians should use the press to visit every home via radio, T V, Newspaper etc in addition to using their usual campaign posters or leaflets. They should use media chat to reach voters and this could be informal address by the politicians to their constituent.

Nigeria is 58 years in 2018 from her independence in October 1, 1960.

Let us recall that it was at No 10 Downing Street London, Seat of Government of Britain (U.K.) that the independence date for Nigeria was announced by then Prime Minister of U.K. Mr. Harold Macmillan. Present during the announcement were Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Sarduana and Tafawa Balewa all from Nigeria.

Advanced and mature politics should be on course. The 32nd president of the United States of America (U.S.A) Franklin Roosevelt (1933 to 1945) used “Fireside chat” which was popularly called President Roosevelt’s Radio talks to the Nation. For the first time the press could visit every home via radio.

The role of the press in National and political development in Nigeria cannot be neglected. We have to look back to 1859 when the first newspaper called “Iwe Irohin” was established in the Western Nigeria then. In recent times about 1959 other media like radio and TV started to play major role. In fact the role of the press in attainment of Nigeria independence in 1960 is worth to be remembered by all including the present and future generations to come. With the availability of information and communication technologies now, one can stay in the house and know literally about the whole world by having and reading copies of newspapers, listening to Radio, TV and using internet services and telephones etc. The world now is a small global village. The proper use of media to visit every home is a winning formula and strategy for all new generations and development of Nigeria politics. The politicians who contest and win in any election should be servant of the people they are leading and create wealth and not to accumulate wealth for themselves. They should be involved in building and re-building Nigeria National image. The main reward for the present and future generations in Nigeria politics should be to make good name with goodwill and leave legacies for the generations yet to come.

Nnebedum is a Public Affairs Analyst

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