Bishop Osagie clocks 60, blames political leaders for nation’s woes

May 29th, 2018

Bishop Lawrence Osagie of Powerline Bible Church at Ijeshatedo, Lagos clocked 60 recently. Though in a celebration mood, he made out time from his tight schedule to interact with the media on the state of the nation. CYRIACUS NNAJI reports.

He spoke on longevity and passed a verdict that he will make 120 years as promised by God “I believe I can get to 120 years, because God has spoken it, Genesis 6:3, that is what God has given to man, it is left to me to take it by faith, doing God’s will, and also living properly, and not exposing myself to things that could cut my life down.”

On his message to Nigerians at this critical period, he said Nigerians should imbibe the scripture as a way of life. “It is because of lack of fear of God things are like this; when you push God aside God will leave you to yourself and anything that is left to itself will grow weed, where nobody is in control, it is wind that carries it away. That is how Nigeria is now.”

He said those in government are insincere and that the test of their insincerity is all that is going on in the country. “Buhari told Trump that Fulani herdsmen don’t carry gun in this country. If a president of a nation can lie, and you say you are fighting corruption, the biggest lie of all time, and then you are asking people to send you back there…he e e. So the arms and ammunition that are being imported, do you know who are behind it? Because all these people that are lying from the two sides of their mouths, they can bring in arms so that they can secure their throne, we don’t know, if the government can’t tell, who then will tell?

“So all of this is so because God almighty has been put in a situation where He is not fully in charge of this nation, when the people in government demonstrate their fear for God, not even to be born again Christians, but their acts, their utterances, their ways of life must demonstrate some level of reverence and fear, for the God of Heaven.”

Bishop Osagie described the nation as an old woman with flat breast and can no longer feed her children. “People are spending billions on politics, security and all that, and then for months you cannot pay your workers, people are dying, families are packing up, somebody is working on the road and then slumps just because he is working for government and government can’t pay him; you see people running such government living callously. That is the mother whose breast is dried up and can’t feed her children. That is what Nigeria is. And that kind of situation can only create crisis.

“This country is blessed enough to be able to create an enabling environment. We have both the land where the people can go and farm, and produce food, sell some and eat some; we have the population, we have people, vibrant, strong, youths that can make anything happen, but the environment is not just there, and people keep making noise, compounding our problems.”

On his thought about 2019 not going to hold as a result of the killings in the country, he said, “There has to be election, they can’t use Fulani herdsmen to hold the entire nation to hostage unless they want to break down this country, we are in the 21st century; people should stop living in stone-age. People have moved forward, Nigeria should stop moving backward, these Fulani herdsmen, is time enough to unmask them and tell us who they are, where they came from, and what their mission is. Nobody can unleash mayhem all because they want to frustrate the election, so that they can elongate their stay in power forever, no; there will be more chaos if they try that.

While relishing 30 years in the ministry spoke on succession “I do not own the church and God is grooming somebody to succeed me. He will reveal my successor, my children has not shown commitment enough to take over the mantle of leadership of the church and I am not that kind of person that would dress up a David in the armour of Saul.”

On tithing he said “Tithing is a biblical injunction, if you say tithe is an Old Testament injunction why do you pray for longevity; 120 years was announced by God in Genesis, which is an Old Testament book? God did not instituted tithing because God want my money, God is only setting a platform where I can be blessed as a person.”

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