Osun APC Chairman speaks on Ex-Gov. Oyinlola’s defection

May 29th, 2018

Mr Gboyega Famodun is the Chairman, Osun State Chapter of the APC and sequel to the increase in the tempo of political activities ahead of the 22nd of September, guber election, the views of the principal stakeholders are regularly sought by the newsmen. The dude was on a live programme on a private radio station in Osogbo, the Rave FM, a few days ago and he made his position known on the issue of the defections of two top personalities who were prominent leaders of the party; Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Alhaji Fatahi Diekola. JOHN SILAS writes.

On how he feels having a party stalwart in Osogbo, Alhaji Fatahi Diekola leaving the party with thousands of supporters, he said

‘I don’t always talk about people who are not in my party but let me ask this before I answer the question posed to me, you really need to mention the other people that followed him to the new party, how many among the party members followed him to the PDP? He asked. It was said that Alhaji Fatahi Diekola and a businessman fondly addressed as TILAD left with thousands of supporters? The submission however earned a rejection verdict from Famodun who challenged the reporter to name a few among the thousands that purportedly dumped the party because of Diekola? ‘You have just mentioned two people, TILAD is a friend of so many people in the APC I have never known him to be a politician but if he chooses to start politics and he has chosen the PDP goodluck to him, he will continue to be my friend and he is a friend to many other people in the party but if you mention Alhaji Diekola it is okay but you said thousands defected with him which is not true’ he clarified.

Did he actually play key roles in winning previous elections for the APC? ‘You see, where Alhaji Diekola comes from is Osogbo and in the Elders caucus which he belonged to in Osogbo they are about 68 how can somebody claim to play a major role ,what were the 67 others doing? Many people will normally play role in winning election but no single individual can claim right to the story of election winning, it is a collective thing Osogbo local government is one of the biggest in Osun state and it is the stronghold of the party, no single individual can claim exclusive control of such a place, Osogbo is about 400 thousand in population even if ten percent among them are politicians how can a single individual say he played a role in winning there. When you want to over celebrate an individual mind what you say about him or her. Don’t say things that will get the other leaders that had been working to see to the success of the party annoyed. The truth of the matter is that only one person defected and I have asked you to name anyone that followed him but you couldn’t’ he stated.

When the reporter asked if in his reckoning, he considers Fatahi Diekola as inconsequential? ‘Well, if you say that I will answer in affirmative’ he quipped. If he had it easy dismissing Diekola’s defection as a no –cause-for alarm case would he say former governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s defection will not affect the fortunes of the party? ‘Well to me I don’t like mentioning individuals when I am on air but I wish Oyinlola well in his new party but one thing that I want to say is that he is challenged by organizing a political party himself for the first time, he has never had that experience, he joined the PDP and was given the highest ticket in Osun state unsolicited, he came to the APC and we put him on the driver’s seat in his local government and we asked members of the party to queue behind him he was not privy to the formation of the PDP nor the APC he is now in ADC let us see how far he would go’ he stated.

If Oyinlola was not privy to the formation of the parties but played role in winning elections for them would he be considered irrelevant? ‘APC won elections before Oyinlola came and we will continue to win elections after his departure, we won election and even challenged him and defeated him. We had been before he came and we will continue to be’ he said.

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