CTP: We provide security to our women-Community leader

June 4th, 2018

By Hassan Zaggi

In order to ensure that beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) currently being piloted in some northern states are protected from harm, the men in Goronyo community of Sokoto State have decided to become security details of their wives whenever they go to collect the money.

This is contrary to the allegations in some quarters that some men follow their wives to the collection point and receive the money from them immediately they are being paid.

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) facilitated the implementation of Cash Transfer Programme funded by the UK Department for International Development (DfID) in Sokoto and Niger States under the Girls’ Education Project phase 3 (GEP3).

CTP in education sector is a viable intervention for increasing school enrolment and attendance for children and improving the social protection for households.

Sokoto and Niger states have since scaled up the implementation of the CTP after the exit of the funding by UNICEF/DfID, though technical support is still being provided.

Responding to questions from The AUTHORITY, one of the leaders of Goronyo community, Yahaya Umaru, noted that in their tradition, men are under obligation to protect and provide for the needs of women and children, hence, most times, they follow their wives to the CTP pay point to ensure that nothing unpleasant happen to them.

He applauded the UNICEF for the initiative, reiterating that it has resulted in mass awareness of the importance of girl-child education. This has also affected the enrollment of both boys and girls in primary school in the area.

“It is not true that men follow women to the collection point and receive the money from their hands, it does not happen here. You know men go out and look for what they will bring for their wives, how can he again collect what is meant for the wife? It is not possible.

“What we do is to provide security cover for them to the payment point to ensure that nothing unpleasant happens to them after they have collected the money.”

The Community leader further called on the government to provide more infrastructure including chairs and desks for the children to use as most of them sit on the floor.

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