Govt, businesses rank least in Edelman’s credibility survey

June 6th, 2018

From Anthony Nwachukwu, Lagos

A 2018 trust and credibility survey of Nigerians by Edelman Trust Barometer on the mainstream institutions of government, business, media and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has ranked government the least trusted, though it polled 60 per cent.

Leading with a wide margin is the NGOs at 81 per cent, followed closely at 78 per cent by the media in spite of the rise in circulation and menace of fake news. Businesses came a distant third at 62 per cent, according to the annual report that included Nigeria for the first time in the survey’s 18-year history.

Conversely, government and businesses took the lead in 14 of the 28 countries sampled while media and NGOs were the least trusted, according to data from the 25-minute online interviews conducted on 33,000 respondents on how much they trusted these organsations to do what is right.

Unveiling the survey report titled, “The Battle for Truth” in Lagos, the Managing Director of Edelman South Africa, Mr. Jordan Rittenberry, expressed concern about the decline in trust in the overall global assessment of the four institutions.

He called on decision makers to deliberately build their respective trust asset through increased investment, paying “more attention to how the citizens trust them.”

Explaining the indices in the Nigerian scenario, Mr. Israel Jaiye Opayemi, the Managing Director/Chief Strategist of Chain Reactions Nigeria, Edelman’s Exclusive Nigerian Affiliate and Preferred West African Partner, said the trust in NGOs anchor on their social interventions and humanitarian services, especially during major disasters.

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