UNEP Chief Pledges support for Ogoni clean-up

June 13th, 2018

By Chuks Oyema-Aziken

UNITED Nations Executive Director on Environment, Erik Solhiem has pledged to support the Ogoni clean up project and other areas of environmental challenges.

Solei made the promise during a visit to Minister of State for Environment, Ibrahim Jabil in Abuja.

He said UNEP was interested in making sure Ogoni clean-up is a reality, just as they will support solving problems in Lake Chad, erosion and desertification challenges.

“We may come to offer solutions.”

“Nigeria cannot change society without changing its environmental problems. These need practical solutions, and UN may not come to do them.”

He advised on use of alternative energy like China and India, emphasizing that modern technology gives us hedge over conventional means.

On ‘Beat the Plastic’ which is theme for this year’s World Environment Day, he emphasized need for both private and public sectors to go into recycling products.

Welcoming the visitor, Ibrahim Jibril disclosed that government would release money to Explorer Accounts for Ogoni clean-up project.

He stated that over 10,000 people have benefited from free medical interventions in Ogoni land.

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