We have kept the faith

June 20th, 2018

Two years and eight months ago, The AUTHORITY Newspaper debuted with the Editorial below (under the title: “All things to all peoples”) and we are happy that we have kept the faith as we celebrate our awardees today. “A brand new star has appeared on the national firmament, beaming its refreshing rays, without discrimination, on all and sundry. Yet, its rays are more radiant on those areas that had hitherto been neglected and denied of attention and illumination in national news coverage. That new gleaming star is The AUTHORITY newspaper, which waves the banner of “Truth and Justice”, and speaks out from every nook and cranny of Nigeria, as hard copy newspapers, and all over the world, through the Internet.

The AUTHORITY, as an idea whose time is long overdue, fills the erstwhile yawning gap that has existed in news coverage and dissemination in our society. Sweating profusely in this yawning gap are the growing throngs of the largely voiceless citizens who had been hardly taken into consideration or considered important in the scheme of news coverage.

The Mission of The AUTHORITY is, therefore, clearly cut out and focused. We aspire to produce an excellent general interest newspaper brand that would carve out its own niche, as a unique medium with a human face, mirroring the tears and smiles of the ordinary Nigerian, showcasing their aspirations, capturing their challenges and their pains, their triumphs and their joys, while providing life-enhancing information and education, as it does so. In a nutshell, the people are our masters; the alpha and omega – the beginning and end – of our essence.

Ultimately, our vision at The AUTHORITY is to produce the best newspaper in Nigeria and one of the best in Africa, operating as a viable business and serving the best interests of the citizens, as the watchdog of the society and defender of the country’s young democracy. Pursuant to this, our core values are the protection of democracy and democratic principles; propagation of good governance and the rule of law, as well as the pursuit of quality and excellence.

Because The AUTHORITY is committed to the search and enthronement of truth and justice, like an article of faith, it is poised to pursue them without fear or favour, and no matter whose ox is gored. Because of our absolute commitment to professionalism and best ethical standards, our editorial team has been carefully selected from amongst men and women with a proven and unblemished track record in the art of balanced and analytical writing and analysis, excellence in reportage and investigative journalism, clarity of style, moral purpose, sound reasoning and power to present all the facts and all the sides for objective public opinion agenda setting.

Our editorial policy is non-partisan and is impartial to the religion, race or geographical origin of our readers. But it is unapologetically hinged on the defence of the people and their political and socio-economic rights. Hence, our language and style will be people-friendly in all their ramifications.

We defend the fundamental rights of Nigerians and indeed all human beings as a cardinal objective, always ready and willing to rise in defence of all those whose basic rights are trampled upon or are at the risk of being unjustly and illegally denied their basic freedoms.

We unequivocally believe in the unity and stability of Nigeria as an indivisible and indissoluble entity that guarantees equal opportunities to all its citizens, irrespective of their origin, tongue and creed. In this belief, we are committed to the defending and upholding of the free movement and freedom of association for all Nigerians, in accordance with the provisions of the national Constitution.

The AUTHORITY subscribes to all the local, continental and universal conventions and charters which uphold the basic freedoms of humankind, as being inalienable and superior to any law and/or constitution written by man. We accept Democracy as the best form of governance and have taken it upon ourselves to, and in concert with all other progressive forces, fight and defend its ideals.

We believe that the right to the pursuit of legitimate economic activities is as important as the right to life. This is because we believe that life will have little meaning if there are no material resources to support it and that material resources come principally from engagement in one form of economic activity or the other.
The AUTHORITY, therefore, supports the pre-eminence of the private capital and the private sector as the driving force of modern economy, but subscribes to the regulatory roles of the State as well as its vantage role in the provision of infrastructure and the enabling environment. We will, therefore, support and promote the private sector to take the commanding heights in the productive sector of the economy.

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