EKITI 2018: We’ll resist vote rigging, says SDP female guber candidate

June 24th, 2018

Princess Yemisi Adetayo, is the running mate to the Ekiti state Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate, Akin Ayegbusi, An accountant turned-politician, Adetayo served as secretary for women committee of NULGE in Lagos State under Mrs. Iyabo Obasa. In an interaction with select journalists in Ado Ekiti, she scored both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) low in performance, saying that only an SDP government would bring about rapid economic and social development in the state. ADEWUMI ADEMIJU, was there for The AUTHORITY.

As a female politician, what positive impact do you intend to make on women if SDP wins the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Ekiti state?

Our manifesto takes care of the interest of everybody in Ekiti state. So, I want to say that poverty in Ekiti is more seen than described. The current administration is not doing any reasonable thing to eradicate poverty in the state. So, the SDP government in Ekiti state will eradicate poverty by providing job opportunities. This would be done through agric revolution, mechanised farming supported with soft loans, Industrialization will also make positive impact in the lives of the people, especially women, since as you are aware that there is no industry in Ekiti state. The existing ones were paralyzed by the present administration. These are the brick industry in Ire Ekiti, Ikogosi warm spring, Gossy water. The Coca-Cola depot is no more functioning. Even some commercial banks including GTB, Eco bank have folded up in Ekiti. We are going to locate industries where they have their raw materials. For instance, Ekiti South- West has banana and plantain plantation. Industries that would process those materials into cornflakes would be sited in the area. In Ekiti North-Ikole area, there is cassava. There would also be empowerment opportunities for women among others, because we plan to give them access to soft loans with zero interest.

What efforts have you been making to sensitize the electorate on how to vote?

We have been doing visitations to markets in the various local government areas of the state. We educate the voters, especially market women on how to vote; telling them what a ballot paper looks like and how to vote for their choice party, which is the SDP, so that we can put an end to poverty in Ekiti state. We also carry our sensitization programme to the Churches and Mosques, and the results have been encouraging.

How strong and acceptable is the SDP to be able to tackle APC, PDP in the state?

We are not intimidated at all by the two major political parties, because they have done practically nothing for Ekiti people. They added problem to the state. The governorship candidate of APC, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, says that if he becomes the next governor of the state, he would restore our lost values, and the pertinent question to ask him is: What stopped you from restoring these values during your first term as governor of the state? He is also promising to reclaim land, and we in the SDP think he has nothing to offer our people. The present administration in the state has failed woefully. You see, democracy is about human development, but unfortunately Gov. Ayodele Fayose, has refused to develop human being. Also democracy is about separation of powers; it is about checks and balances, it is about accepting criticism in good faith. But unfortunately Gov. Fayose is not practicing democracy in Ekiti state. He is the governor as well as the Speaker, state House of Assembly. He makes and executes the laws; he does the work of commissioners. In fact, he does virtually everything. If elected into office, the SDP will put an end to all these anti-democratic tendencies. We will put an end to dictatorship. Fayose is not a leader, but a ruler.

The present administration in the state, counted the construction of flyover, dualization of roads, construction of a new market as legacy projects. What’s your take on that?

Gov. Fayose is even bragging that he has improved the standard of education in Ekiti state, but I want to tell the world that he did practically nothing in public schools. He spent N17.5 billion on a flyover that has no economic value. If he had invested 1billion in each local government, employment opportunities would have been provided for several people in Ekiti. So, I don’t know the legacy projects he is talking about when those projects cannot put food on the table of the poor masses of this state. The SDP is the only alternative for Ekiti people now considering the content of its manifesto. If you look at our candidate – Akin Ayegbusi – he is a brilliant responsible, bold and reliable gentle man, who is equal to the task of bringing development to Ekiti state. He is the youngest among the gubernatorial candidates; a professional banker, with suitable qualifications to govern the state. A highly connected professional, he would attract both local and foreign investors to the state.

Some people are of the opinion that Fayemi has better chances than the other candidates considering that the APC is the ruling party at the centre? What is your reaction to this view?

Fayemi is only relying on federal might, but we are relying on God’s might. The arm of the flesh cannot prevail over the wishes of the people. I am using this opportunity to appeal to the electorate to go out on election day to cast their votes for the candidate of the SDP. Fayemi is a joker; people will only collect his money, but will not vote for him. Even President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that politics is unpredictable. So, I can tell that Fayemi is not going to win. Have you forgotten that he didn’t do well in Ekiti during his first tenure? He failed woefully to deliver the dividends of democracy.

If you finally emerge as the deputy governor of Ekiti state, what will happen to your many businesses as well as your family chores as a woman?

That’s not a big task at all, I have dedicated my businesses to professionals, I have good accountants and managers in all the businesses that I run. I manage my home well, and my children are grown ups

How is the level of the preparation of your party for this election?

We are well prepared for the gubernatorial election. It is being rumoured that the election would be rigged, but we cannot allow rigging to take place in Ekiti state. I urge the electorate to come out en masse to vote for SDP, because we are the best among the political parties that have presented candidates for this election. We promised the people that we’ll put an end to poverty. So, they should not be afraid of the federal might, soldiers or police, rather they should come in their large numbers to vote the SDP. The electorate should bear in mind that the PDP and APC have failed them, and so vote for SDP. They should not be afraid of soldiers or Federal Might that may be unleashed on the state that day. It should be registered in the minds of the voters that APC and PDP have failed Ekiti people, and so SDP is that party that will put smiles on the faces of our people.

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