World Bank to support NEWMAP, FADAMA with South South Knowledge Exchange on sustainable development

June 24th, 2018

By Chuks Oyema-Aziken

The World Bank is to support the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project(NEWMAP) and the FADAMA Programme (now FADAMA III AF) in their various mandate of enhancing sustainable development and impacting on social infrastructure and the livelihoods of Nigerians.

A statement issued in Beijing, China by NEWMAP Director of Communications, Dr. Bayo Thomas said the pledge by the World Bank was made when the National Coordinator, NEWMAP, Salisu Dahiru Mohammed and the Task Team Leader FADAMA III AF Adetunji Adeleke Oredipe led a special technical project operations delegation to the World Bank in Beijing as part of the ongoing cooperation of the South-South Learning and Knowledge sharing for Watershed Management, Infrastructure and Agriculture between China, India and Nigeria.

The statement said the “World Bank task teams secured financing from the China-World Bank Group Trust Fund of USD 433,000 to enhance South-South Learning and Knowledge (SSKE) sharing for Watershed Management, Infrastructure and Agriculture between China, India and Nigeria.

“This Trust fund (TF) is to enhance South-south knowledge (SSKE) sharing on infrastructure development associated with major land and gully restoration, agricultural development and climate smart agriculture on restored lands, and applications of remote sensing, GIS, and Decision Support Systems (DSS) for more effective project management and M&E.

The statement quoted SSKE Coordinator , Dr. Joy Agene as saying that the activity of the SSKE “would benefit the outcomes of NEWMAP, the Neeranchal National Watershed Project in India and FADAMA Project in Nigeria in terms of information and knowledge that would be shared among the participating countries of China, India and Nigeria.”

“Speaking in Beijing on the SSKE between China, India and Nigeria, Mr. Harold Bedoya World Bank country Director, China said the World bank secured the trust fund to further support the two projects of FADAMA and NEWMAP, which are not only the two biggest Projects of the world Bank in Nigeria, but also two performing Projects and initiatives of the Nigerian government with great positive impacts on the people.

“He said this support by the World Bank brings about a global wealth of experience to Nigeria because the SSKE will tap on the successful experiences of World Bank support to China and India in the area of Agriculture and sustainable environment.

Salisu Dahiru, National Coordinator NEWMAP acknowledged that the SSKE Knowledge sharing and Transfer “has conveniently piloted the two projects towards common grounds and cooperation and will further boost the activities of the projects, and improve the technical approach to watershed management.”

He acknowledged that the principle behind the SSKE will support accelerated and sustainable development in the area of smart Agriculture, water conservation and environmental management as well.

In his remarks, Dr. Oredipe stated that SSKE has further enhanced the cooperation and collaboration of the two projects (NEWMAP and FADAMA) and all accrued benefits derivable via knowledge transfer and experiences of like Projects in China and India will surely impact positively on the various critical project beneficiaries.

The SSKE for infrastructure between China, India and Nigeria is a veritable technical platform to enhance Technology support , training, exchange learning and information dissemination between China, India and Nigeria in the thematic areas of Watershed Management and Gully Restoration; Climate Smart Agriculture; Managing Surface Run-off in Urban areas; Application of Geo-Spatial Technologies for Erosion Control, Watershed Planning and Management.

The statement said that the activities of the South-South knowledge sharing commenced in earnest in April, 2017 with a Scoping mission to China by the World Bank Country office Nigeria, NEWMAP and FADAMA Projects .During this Mission, a Technical Collaboration Agreement (TCA) was finalized and subsequently signed, to last for a period of 2years. An important outcome of the TCA includes International Geo-Spatial conference SSKE Knowledge Fair to commemorate the International Space Week from 4th -6th October, 2017, held in Abuja-Nigeria; MoU between India and Nigeria developed and signed for Nigeria- Bhuvan project to be hosted by NARSDA.

“Also, considered is the knowledge transfer in the area of catchment management in the signed MoU. Nigeria was represented by NEWMAP while the Chinese Government was represented by the China Irrigation and Drainage Development Center (CIDDC) and China Green Water International Consulting Company (CGWIC),” Dr. Thomas added.

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