“Enemy submitted” ends with amazing miracles

June 26th, 2018

By Cyriacus Nnaji

As this year’s programme titled “The enemies Submitted” successfully came to an end on Sunday, amazing miracles and testimonies have continued to trail the event.

Indeed, enemies submitted witnessed amazing and transformational miracles. Those that received healing include a 35 years deaf and dump, 25 years of abdominal pain rolled away, 17 years stroke patient, 32 years madness delivered among other astounding miracles and testimonies.

The general overseer of the Lords’ Chosen Charismatic Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka mounting the podium said the people should jettison sin and embrace God in order to ensure the enemy submitted perpetually.

Muoka stated that the enemy might be fighting you because you do not know the lord or you are not born again. “But today be rest assured that your enemy must submit.”

The renowned man of God said God has anointed him in order to bless people. “God has anointed me in order to bless you. I am here for you. If I say you are free you are free indeed, the enemy that disturb you from making progress, that enemy must not survive today; enough is enough for the enemy troubling you.”

Muoka, while speaking at the Chosen crusade ground at Ijesha, Lagos during the two-day programme, said the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries is a mountain on top of mountains, and a church atop churches.

He congratulated those that attended the programme saying, “I congratulate you because you have come to a place of freedom, and freedom shall be your portion. This is a place where your problem is solved like ABC, a place of succor.”

He encouraged new comers stating that they would go home with power.

Speaking specifically on the theme of the crusade ‘The Enemy Submitted,’ Muoka said “Our God is all powerful God. No matter the power the enemy might possess, it must submit to that of God who is the all-powerful God. The power in the possession of the enemy is a stolen power which it must submit. No man, woman or demon can overcome you. Any power that will challenge you, that power will not survive.”

While commanding the people to be terror to the kingdom of darkness, he said the enemy has no choice but to submit.

To buttress his assertion that the enemy must submit, he resorted to the bible saying in the days of old, Pharaoh and Harold who were avowed enemies of God later submitted to the power of the all-powerful God.

Muoka advised the congregation to depart from sin as a Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian, “We should obey God and should not live in sin like the fallen angel so that God can fight for you. By obeying God anybody that touches you touches apple of God’s eyes. The blessings of God shall be yours.

He stated that many are suffering because the enemy has taken over what belong to them, but today the enemy has surrendered. As Pharaoh submitted, the enemy shall surrender all your stolen possessions, you will gather all your possessions until rapture takes place.

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