Expert calls for change of curriculum, advocates digital classroom

July 3rd, 2018

By Cyriacus Nnaji

Dr. Nathaniel Atansuyi, President and Founder of Digital Club International, a center for Digital Literacy, competency and Responsibility has stated that Digital Classroom is the language of the future.

Atansuyi stated this at the 1st Information Technology Subject Teachers Association of Nigeria (ITSTAN) Conference and unveiling of Digital Club International which held at Ikeja Grammar School, Lagos recently.

He said Digital revolution is the fourth industrial revolution, adding that Lagos is the 6th largest economy which is progressing and developing a Smart City, which is one of the cardinal to a mega city.

In his words “Now there is no way you would develop infrastructure without developing the people, and the way to develop the people is about having this digital classroom, because it is the people that will develop the smart city, so that is why we are taking this lecture to talk about the digital classroom, this is a classroom that is going to be connected, that is going to give digital devices to both teachers and students alike on a ratio of 1:1.

“You know digital classroom is going to change the way we learn, our present day curriculum is fashioned toward the 2nd and 3rd industrial revolution, but you would agree with me that, the fourth industrial revolution which is the digital age is not about the traditional classroom, so digital classroom is about training smart people to manage smart infrastructure, thereby transforming the society, to smart economy.

“We don’t want the black race to lag behind, it is going to be an online thing, ICT teacher will be trained to manage the digital platform, it is also a mini digital classroom where every member will be having access at his own time to follow through on digital curriculum, and digital club international scheme has been categorized into three: The basic digital skills, advanced digital skill and the specialized digital skill, which include digital production in the mold of robotics, artificial intelligence, and developing strategy.

“You know what is good about digital club international, it is not about training people and they go about to look for jobs again, whatever knowledge you are creating would be available at the digital store for international patronage and then these our students get empowered with their independence and international business experience.”

Statistically speaking he said Nigeria is not yet there in terms of technologically equipped teachers and this is one of the essence for this conference.

On how the government can promote digital classroom he said “I said we would encourage Government partnership and how do we do that government is just going to do a one-off investment. If government decides okay, I want to devote N1b into digital Club International; that N1billion, we are not going to use it for anything, what we will use it to do is to go and invest it with the bank, now the worst we will get from any bank is about 10%, what is 10% of 1 billion that is about 100m. So with that 100m we start developing this digital knowledge and skill to secondary schools, you know it has to be gradual thing, but I can tell you, by the time you are running it two to five years you will see, if not covering everybody, it would have gone far, because government bureaucracy and digital initiative are not irreconcilable. And you can’t take away bureaucracy from governance, it has to be there, but if government partners with us you will eliminate that government bureaucracy. Where there is already a fund in the investment that will be yielding yearly interest is what we use to run the club.

He said are still challenges which include power, internet connectivity .so the first thing that needs to get right is to make power available to our people and when we have power everything will start falling in place.

Odunuga Sesan Olakitan is the President of Information Technology Subject Teachers Association of Nigeria (ITSTAN) To tell the teachers their responsibilities in teaching in the 21th century and the challenges ahead of them.

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