PDP members still serving in Buhari’s government, Oshiomhole alleges

July 12th, 2018

By Ezeocha Nzeh

National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC), has assured its members that the new National Working Committee (NEC) will ensure that all PDP members that are currently serving in the administration of President Muhammad Buhari’s are sacked and their positions redistricted to loyal party members.

Oshiomhole made the assurance Wednesday, when he inaugurated the non NEC members not of the party in Abuja

He charged the non NEC members, who are also members of the party’s National Executive Committee ( NEC) members to see themselves as ambassadors of the party in their various constituencies, adding that they should be explaining to the people what the APC-led Federal Government is doing across the country.

“You are the foot soldiers with the responsibility to explain to the people why for instance, they cannot eat if corruption is not eliminated, “he said.

He tasked the new executives to be up and doing and to be the party’s foot soldiers in their various localities.

“We haven’t come here to share resources or privileges but to resume work, to work not only for our party, but for the entire nation.

“And because we are in a governing party, we must lead by example and engage in healthy contestations and debates on policy choices.

He assured that the APC National Working Committee (NWC) under his leadership would be committed to working with the party’s Constitution, adding that issues would be discussed and addressed as they come up.

“We are in the process of identifying those states where we had challenges, identify people involved to see the role we can play to help everyone.

“The goal is to find a common ground and resolve issues not on the basis of winner or looser, but to have a win, win solution in all of those places we had challenges,” he said.

He told the executives that he had met with APC caucus in both the Senate and in the House of Representatives and other party leaders with a view to address the challenges.

He added that the party’s leadership was committed to justice, fairness and respect to democratic principles, saying that arrogance and disrespect must be avoided, stressing that every challenge of the party would be addressed if its members worked in unity and consciously, as well as remove corruption from the process of nominations.

“We will use our privileges judiciously, with an eye for justice, fairness and for those who are electorally resourceful, “he said.

He regretted that a lot of PDP members were still occupying important positions in federal agencies under the APC-led Federal Government.

“We have a duty to do everything possible to purge these elements out of the system, because we are a party of change and they are the conservative right wing party.

‘We cannot entrust to conservative forces an agenda for change, government is not in the villa, villa is the head of government.

“And for those who are aggrieved how certain things are done, those who question that they don’t seems to see the difference, it is because PDP is still managing this agencies.

“Therefore, we have a duty to convince the Federal Executive that this government has no business maintaining PDP in sensitive federal agencies and using their old tactics in service delivery.”

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