Admission Procedures in Pakistan : Nigerian envoy clarifies certificate issues , others

July 22nd, 2018

By John Okeke, Pakistan

The High Commissioner of Nigeria in Pakistan , Maj. Gen (R) Ashimiyu Adebayo Olaniyi has clarified the issues of admission procedures in Pakistani which mandates the admission seekers to provide their Junior Secondary School Certificate upon seeking entry into their tertiary education.

Olaniyi who spoke to the Nigerian journalists in Islamabad , Pakistan said the policy has remained like that for along time while calling on Nigerians seeking admission in that country to adhere to their rules.

He gave instance on occasion where Nigerian defence students in Pakistan upon graduation were denied certificates adding that it took his intervention for their certificates to be released to them.

“The Pakistani government has a policy that you must have a junior secondary school certificate which we call JSS 3 in Nigeria to get admission into their tertiary institutions. Perhaps what will happen is that you will tell our country men and women, boys and girls that look JSS 3 certificate is a requirement for you to get admission in any university in Pakistan and therefore they should endeavor get their Junior Secondary School Certificate while they’re moving to Senior Secondary School 1 while on my part I will discuss that issue with Pakistani High Commissioner in Nigeria. This I have done with some organizations here like the one of the University here but their law which is the law of the land to me you must respect the law. That is my own perception. So, we need to educate our own people that they must have junior secondary school certificate and I will give you an instance our graduants from the National Defence University , there were many of them who came here on course just like our national war college in Nigeria just a few months to their graduation that they were not going to be given masters certificates because they don’t have their junior secondary school certificate but you recall the olding days certificate was WAEC which means we spent five years before we changed to 6-3-3-4 and I took it up before I went to the foreign ministry and it was sorted out . And those graduants were issued their masters school certificates.”

” But with this subsequent participants they must attended 6-3-3-4 Certificates . That means those who have junior secondary school certificate should come with it so that we don’t have such problem again. But by and large, that can be sorted out with the collaboration and in depth discussion with my counterparts in Nigeria , the Pakistani High Commission”, he Said.

The envoy said the about 700 Nigerians live in Pakistan adding that some are studying while some work in organizations .

Though he said there are some difficulties some of them are facing such as expired visa.

“Well, the 700 of Nigerians in diaspora are here including the students. Some are working with international organizations while some are doing their business. But , principally some of them that don’t belong to the students or international organizations, some I have observed that their visas has expired of course they don’t have a valid visas but on our part we have been trying to encourage them they should get valid visas which is the only authority for them to remain in this country. And we are having meetings severally with Nigerians in diaspora here . By and large, we will get across these difficult challenges. Even in this country too, there is unemployment so if any Nigeria come here he is bound to face those challenges . The areas we are particularly interested are those Pakistani that married to Nigerians .

There are issue of permanent visas as for them. We are working on them . We have had several meetings with the foreign ministry in that aspect and I believe that with our interaction with the foreign ministry and addition from my own counterparts Pakistani High Commissioner in Nigeria we will get over this because Nigeria and Pakistan we have similarities.

“We have come along way . We recalled in the late seventy we have Pakistani doctors, teachers in Nigeria in different institutions and we should try to revive that and am sure when all these things are sorted out the issue of Nigerians without valid visas will end. I think what is just required is people to people interaction. And as you have come now you have a lot of roles to play telling Nigerians that look do the right thing,” he said.

Commenting on Nigerians in Prisons in Pakistan for various offenses, the envoy said ,”There is no point hiding we have some Nigerians in prison here because we get report from foreign ministry almost on bi-weekly we heard that so so Nigerians are in prison and we should arrange for their repatriation to Nigeria which we do promptly by issuing them what we call Emergency Traveling Certificate (ETC) . When their farming has purchased them the return ticket to Nigeria because that is the policy.

He continued,” we have over 30 Nigerians in Pakistani prison now because we requested the number of Nigerians in various Pakistan prisons and they gave us the figure . There is none of them on the death row. The major offenses are the illicit drugs. And one task we have done thus far is to our chairman of drug law enforcement agency. In fact , before I come here I met him . There is this collaboration. Just as you have come now as you come face to face can understand each other. I think that will help and with my advice in tell them look you are in this country get useful jobs and don’t get yourself in illicit drug because it doesn’t help and it is prohibited here.

“Their major challenges are that of course some time no valid,” visas ,” he added

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