Man runs away from ‘Idenyi Upata deity’: ‘’I don’t want to be priest to our community deity’’, says Mr Damian Ozor

August 12th, 2018

MAURICE OKAFOR in this report said that Mr Damian Ozor, a middle aged man from Uwelle Achara Ohodo community in Igbo Etiti local government area of Enugu state is running away from his community and only God Almighty knows if he will ever visit his community again.

He told ‘The Authority’ South East Post that he committed no crime against anybody and hates nobody in his community but as an ardent Christian, there are some traditional beliefs especially idol worship being practiced by some in his community that he has seriously been kicking against.

But his greatest pains at the moment is that in as much as he does not belong to the worshipers of a particular idol called ‘Idenyi Upata deity’, the worshipers are saying that the idol has chosen him to be his next chief priest.

According to him, some elders of his community have advised him that the priesthood of the Idenyi Upata deity’ that is said to have fallen on him is an ancestral demand and he should accept it for his own benefit as that would confer on him a great status in the community and also in the overall interest of promoting the community’s culture.

Mr Ozor said that he has sworn never to accept the offer at all costs. He disclosed that he has decided to stay away from their community and more especially has gone into hiding and out of sight of his people, as such that nobody can tell where to locate him easily, with hope that one day in his life time the entire village will gain a spiritual rebirth to abolish idol worship.

He further said that his decision to go into hiding and avoiding his people as much as he can is based on the traditional practice of some of the worshipers tracing him and relocating him to the village shrine ‘Idenyi Upata’ forcefully.

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