Foundation trains students on cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

August 17th, 2018

From Cyriacus Nnaji, Lagos

Owning to rampant cases of heart failures in the society, Joe Nwiloh Heart Foundation, has embarked on the training of students of Secondary Schools in the skill of compressional heart resuscitation.

Known as Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), the event was designed to train the young ones in case they find themselves as first responders during a heart attack incident.

Speaking to Journalists, Dr. Joe Nwiloh,  said that learning life-saving Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) skills is important because some-day it would be beneficial, hopefully, in saving the lives of loved ones, friends, or even a stranger.

 “We believe that training the next generation of life savers starts from schools and we are in alignment with American Heart Association guideline that no student should graduate from high school without knowing how to do CPR because cardiac arrest can happen at any place, anytime, in the school, at home, in the work place, in the churches, in the sports field, and we feel the first responder or whoever it is that know how to do the CPR can be the difference in saving life, doing that alone can double or triple the chances of survival,” he said.

According to him: “If somebody suddenly collapses from cardiac arrest, and nothing is done within minutes, the person will have irreversible brain damage, within 5-6 minutes, the person will be dead.

“So it is good to have someone who has the necessary skill which is within the reach of any real person to perform chest compression which is what we are doing here today and which is  the beginning of many more in schools across the state and across the nation.”

He said cardiac arrest is the second leading cause of death in Africa and number one in the world, adding that many of the population of Africa about 70% of them live below poverty level and less than $1.25 a day according to World Bank.

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